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    Is being a youtuber a real job?

    Video production is a true full-time activity. Personally, I find that work as a youtuber is important because youtubers allow people to see the world from another angle, to reflect on topics and question themselves. However, a youtuber doesn’t always get a decent salary out of his or her freelance job. Does it mean they’re not working? How is this job different from being a actor, a writer or a painter?

    • I wonder if anyone could get any YouTubers to interview for this? Either ones who have given up traditional work, or any YouTubers just starting out. You can look at how far some of the YouTubers are willing to go in order to make that salary. – CatEllen 6 years ago
    • Great, interesting topic! There are a number of philosophical questions behind your topic: What is a "real job"? What is meaningful "work"? What roles do various factors -- you make reference to salary and to social value, for example -- play in determining whether or not we see something as a "real job"? etc. – JamesBKelley 6 years ago
    • A relevant topic to explore! Plenty of YouTubers usually have to accumulate a certain number of subscribers before they actually start getting paid. So maybe you could look into that process and search up some famous YouTubers and check out any videos they have created describing how they became successful on YouTube? You could also start by comparing and contrasting the differences between being an actor, writer or a painter and how these jobs are similar or different from being a YouTuber? – chloet2 6 years ago
    • Could explore the difference between what people might see as a job or as a paid hobby. What are the objective definitions of 'job' and 'hobby'? It is subjective? Maybe some youtubers see it as a career where others see it as a pastime. It is necessary for someone to be paid to be working? I don't think so, but you could discuss it. How does money-making relate to making something a job? What different kinds of youtubers are there? (Yoga instructors, makeup artists, etc) What is the distinction between being a youtuber and using youtube as a platform for your career? – Carinci95 6 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Interesting point!
    I’m not a big fan of superhero movies or series. Well I guess I wasn’t until I found out about Jessica Jones (Marvel), who’s a superheroine that doesn’t look like a traditional one. She doesn’t have a costume, she doesn’t show off her curves either. Maybe she’s a bit tomboyish and this is where I come back to your comment. Her tomboyish style made me like her and maybe, as you said, want to be look like her in real life. As humans we might be looking for fictional characters who allow us to live the life we can’t live otherwise.

    Sexism, Impracticality, and the Hopeful Future of Costuming

    There is Jessica Jones (Marvel). She’s a non-traditional female superhero created by Melissa Rosenberg. She doesn’t have a costume and doesn’t have the looks or style of the female superheroes we are used to.
    The debate you bring to this article brings to the table is very interesting though because, funny enough, even in the series itself (On Netflix), Jessica Jones is asked several times to make herself a costume.

    Sexism, Impracticality, and the Hopeful Future of Costuming

    Yes, in fact, these movies could portray the presence of a mother who is loving and, at the same time, eager to live the adventure with her child and give her the taste of independence. How can a mother prepare her child for the world, make her strong, independent, while giving her all the love she needs? This subject is beneficial for parents and children alike.

    Missing Moms and the Fairytale Characters Living Without Them

    I never thought I’d become so attached to Netflix because of its ease of use and lack of advertisement. It has some incredibly interesting documentaries. I hope we could see more educational short videos on there to be used in schools allowing teachers to browse videos without fearing exposing students to publicity.

    Netflix and Impact

    Thank you for this article. This issue is omnipresent in today’s society, movies and artwork. I hope that we will get to a point where women aren’t categorized or put in one box or another and rather given the freedom to chose, live and improve. Most of all, I hope that their freedom would be well represented in films and all art forms.

    Representation of female celibacy in Television and Film