Batman v Superman Throws Away Its Main Point

With the new Batman v Superman film audiences were ready for an amazing showdown between two of DC’s greatest characters, to see both there ideologies crash together. But did this film deliver on this? Or was the easy and quick plot mover of kidnapping Superman’s mother the only real tangible character motivation for their final fight. Did the film simply gloss over and not explore their personal philosophical differences enough?

  • I would try and be more specific with what you're asking here. For instance, many may be unfamiliar with Batman and Superman's conflicting ideologies, so go ahead and explain what they are. Is the movie also making a statement about not only the heroes ideologies, but base human ideologies as well? An example could be that Superman could represent a God-figure for those who are heavily theological and driven by faith, whereas Batman could be a God-figure for those who are more secular and less persuaded by the idea of a divine entity. Other than that, this could definitely be an interesting read. – JKKN 8 years ago
  • I myself find it hard to get over the one specific scene in the film. "I have to lead him back through the city." 1. 5 minutes ago it was proven the plane could be remotely controlled, so Batman could just have Alfred distract Doomsday so he can secure the weapon. 2. Unnecessary collateral damage was the whole reason Batman hated Superman to begin with. Also, the whole problem with the film entirely is trying to combine two different story lines (Death of Superman and The Dark Knight) without realizing the way Superman acts in both books is totally different from one another. – ajester 8 years ago
  • Great topic. I would add that it might be helpful to examine these characters in the context of modern-day conversations of war and destruction -- a "do-the-ends-justify-the-means" conundrum that is faced by many countries today. The film could have made some powerful statements about modern warfare, and totally failed by subverting its gaze toward multiple plotlines with no resolution, and character development that hit a brick wall. – Kathleen Lassiter 8 years ago
  • Honestly, I think one could discuss how the film undermines ANY point it tries to make morally or politically. In my mind it is the very definition of sound and fury signifying nothing; truly a tale told by an idiot. – KALOPSIA118 8 years ago

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