Kathleen Lassiter

Kathleen Lassiter

Kathleen is a TV production professional in the greater NY area. She is also a freelance writer published across the web.

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Latest Comments

Kathleen Lassiter

One of my favorite movies of the year. I really enjoyed your piece on it!

Reviving Hail, Caesar!
Kathleen Lassiter

Really interesting take. I tend to prefer books over film adaptations simply because I visualize the stories so vividly, and then the film may not match my visualization, making me feel as though there’s misinterpretation when that may not be the case.

Do We Need the Author's Approval in a Film Adaptation?
Games as Art: Displacement within the Art Gallery
Kathleen Lassiter

Great article. As a screenwriter, plot twists are something I’ve always strived towards getting exactly right.

Plot Twists in Fiction: Making a Story Standout
Kathleen Lassiter

It’s kind of insane how almost every movie now that incorporates some form of CGI includes 3-D animation. The “flight simulation” movements have so easily become trite when used in films that don’t need 3-D effects added in, but they can really enhance the imagery of a film focused on CGI art. Loved this article!

Top 10 Implementations of 3D in Film: A New Dimension in Filmmaking
Kathleen Lassiter

Loved this article! This was extremely helpful to read as a fiction writer.

The Formidable Fairy Tale: A Writer's Guide
Kathleen Lassiter

Green’s work is instrumental in making readers realize the distastefulness of the MPDG. This is an excellent analysis of Paper Towns’ subtleties and deeper meaning. Well done!

Paper Towns: John Green’s Deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl