Best of 2012: Notable TV-shows that premiered this year

Every year networks bring out new television series to feed the unstoppable need for more and more entertainment. Some of those shows never survive past the first season, some even get cancelled before the holidays arrive and with good reason, I might add. Yet, like with any failure, there is a success story right around the corner and the same goes for these new television shows mentioned in this list.

They premiered in 2012 and brought many new plots and characters to enjoy but most importantly, they kept us entertained enough to make an impact. Keep in mind that this list is presented in no particular order and is especially suitable for those who are thinking of catching up with a new series during the long holiday hiatus. To make the choice a bit easier, the shows are presented in a manner of preference because 2012 brought shows to every genre possible: from drama to action, from musicals to sci-fi.


Mystery-buff’s choice: Perception

With a little bit of mystery, Perception brings back on screen Eric McCormack from Will & Grace but this time with a little less laughs and a bit more crazy. The leading character is suffering from Schizophrenia and paranoia but it does not stop him from solving crimes with the help of those who he imagines. Like with any mental issue, there is the constant question of insanity and whether it will stop him from being able to function as a human being. Perception is no Sherlock Holmes but it does bring a certain similar quality of intelligence on the table with a hint of crazy that will always make you question if the people he is talking to are actually real.

Alternative choice: Awake


Music-junkie’s choice: Smash

With the success of Glee it was a matter of time until TV-shows explored more closely the world of busting out a song and dancing in groups. Smash is no different but it tries to add less spontaneous music numbers in the middle of the street with strangers by creating a plot revolving around a musical. With rehearsals and personal dramas, divas wanting the spotlight and the funding of the project being under a question, Smash is creating a show inside a show and it is entertaining to say at least. Katherine McPhee as one of the leading roles sings out some of the most beautiful songs and the rest of the cast equally does not fail to deliver.

Alternative choice: Nashville


Drama-maven’s choice: The Newsroom

Summer of 2012 brought us some serious drama with the newest hit series The Newsroom written by none other than the movie-talented Aaron Sorkin. With Jeff Daniels taking his well deserved leading man seat in a newsroom that is struggling to live up to the expectation, all the pieces seem to fit into place. The show offers comedy and intrigue but while each episode is based on real-life events, the drama factor does not fall short at all. Complicated political issues and economical problems driving the news and the character’s relationships and love affairs motivating some interesting story lines, one should not stay away from The Newsroom.

Alternative choice: Scandal


Action-seeker’s choice: Arrow

While the promotional material made the newest CW show Arrow look like a bad superhero series, the actual quality of it is much more appealing. The masked crusader Hood is portrayed by Stephen Amel, who appears to be extremely suitable for the role with his strong physique. Probably because his character exercises a lot when it comes to the show but do not take it lightly, with his city in danger of falling under the arms of bad men, the cast away survivor millionaire will archer his way through each of those villains. There is action and there is blood, with the flashback scenes to the island where he lived for 5 years, Arrow is slowly building an interesting story line for the newest onscreen hero.

Alternative choice: Missing


Comedy-lover’s choice: Girls

The critically acclaimed show Girls created by Lena Dunham is probably the most talked about series of 2012 with its bold take on the lives of young girls. The show is certainly not the new Sex and the City because it probably does not drive to be as elegant but it sure will make the audience laugh. Girls of course is a matter of taste and it might not appeal to the general viewer of comedy, though the fact that the award winning show’s success has led to a second season should guarantee at least a few laughs. Most likely the best choice for those self-seeking younger women still figuring out who they are, and what better way to do so than by laughing.

Alternative choice: Go On


Sci-fi-addict’s choice: Continuum

This Canadian show takes place in the present but the leading character played by Rachel Nichols is actually from the future. Sent back in time from 2077, the woman has to find the criminals from her time in order to prevent the events that will take place in the future. This is certainly a great choice for those who love science fiction and a little bit of action to go with it. And like with any sci-fi plot, Continuum also offers a young sidekick who’s great with technology and adds those little moments of comic relief into the seriousness of the story. Plus, no sci-fi fan can say no to a little bit of time-travel and an electronically equipped body armor that has all kinds of tricks up in its sleeve.

Alternative choice: Primeval: New World

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  1. ive watched pretty much all of these. the newsroom was my fav this tv season. sorkin is a legend! looking forward to see how they will deal with the recent shootings, im sure they will be a full episode dedicated for it.

    • Getter Trumsi

      Indeed, some of the characters are annoying me though but the actual news plots are really thrilling.
      I don’t know how they will use it, I wish they didn’t but it is a lesson to be learned.

      • which characters did you dislike?

        • Getter Trumsi

          In the middle of the season I started to dislike Jim and Maggie who I liked in the beginning. I just thought that their plot was rather childish and way too annoying. Sloan and Jim I actually started to love in the end though I had mixed feelings about them in the beginning.

          • hahaha totally agree! Thanks for reminding me of that… i too found their rellationship a joke by the end, particularly that stupid sex and the city scene at the end, omg. And sloans character in general was annoying at the beginning but she did grow on me

  2. Jordan

    I’m not much of a tv watcher but Perception sounds awesome!! What channel was it originally on?

  3. Amanda Duke

    Continuum was pretty cool! There hasn’t been any good futuristic scifi since Caprica or STU so this will due.

    • Getter Trumsi

      I thought it was rather interesting as well, especially the twist in the end with the characters. Not going to spoil it for others but you’ll know what I mean.

  4. gabriella

    Awake had one of the most creative pilots i’ve seen for years! And fromthere it went to some strange CSI copy. How do you mess it upp that badly!

  5. Ashley Lee

    Don’t forget about Scandal!

  6. Amanda Gostomski

    Girls is the only one that will be remembered.

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