Black Mirror the New Modern Day Paranoia

Analyze the Netflix series Black Mirror by focusing in on the technological and communicative issues each episode reveals, with technology advancing so rapidly how could these events predict the future? Why do these things seem to make sense in the real world? How could it cause paranoia for the future of technology?

  • I think it might be productive to zone in on a few select episodes and show how they each deal with paranoia. Part of Black Mirror is having disconnected stories, which makes analysing it as a whole difficult. – LondonFog 8 years ago
  • Defining what paranoia means is crucial in this case. Is it paranoia as in a mental disorder? Temporary issue due to stress factors? Maybe it's Dali's Paranoiac-critical method? Applying Dali's method might actually pair really well with the disjointed, surreal nature of Black Mirror. – mazzamura 8 years ago
  • I recently got into Black Mirror and the symbolism of technology and humanity in this series is endless and beyond interesting! I would expand "paranoia" to multiple themes/symbols – SandraHov 7 years ago

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