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Books from a child's point of view

Books like The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or My Sweet Orange Tree by José Mauro de Vasconcelos.

  • I think the age group the book is meant for should also be considered. Is the book meant for adults or for young children? – Cagney 7 years ago
  • The Bluest Eye is a great example. The narrative voice switches from the viewpoint of two little girls, an external narrator who takes on the protagonist's (another little girl) perspective, and stream of consciousness. Sometimes you get the voice of adult characters too through diaries or letters, and at the end you get the voice of the protagonist and this is where you see the impact of racism, which damages the individual's sense of self. And this book is meant for adults. Great book! – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago
  • A classic example of a book with a child's point of view is Where The Wild Things Are. It not only deals with a child's imagination, but also the anger and frustration that is prevalent at that age. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • Prayers of a Very Wise Child by Rock Carrier is a great text to look at. It's told from the author's child point of view and satirically exposes society but is easily written so it can entertain children and adults alike. A child's POV is turned into a powerful tool for commentary. – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • Another example could be Ender's Game, which is in the POV of a growing child (Ender). I've heard that some people wrote letters to the author complaining that the child's mindset didn't seem childlike at all, while the author argued that to a child, their own mind wouldn't consider themself immature. – VelvetRose 7 years ago
  • I don't know why no one has mentioned Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird yet, but her perspective is really the best thing about the book. Without her innocent perspective, the story would not have been nearly as shocking with the inherent wrongness of racism in that town. – thekellyfornian 7 years ago

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