Breaking Bad’s Conclusion has a Premiere Date

breakingbadseason51Sunday, August 11th marks the beginning of the end of Breaking Bad. With only eight episodes left of the tightly constructed drama anticipation is high all around. After four and a half seasons it’s been a crazy ride following Walter White’s journey from mild-mannered chem teacher to badass kingpin. Along the way we’ve been treated to intensive exploratory dialogues, a handful of tripped out drug induced sequences, science revelations that bring back the childhood nostalgia of watching Dr. Nye, and death by ATM. I can’t wait to see how everything concludes. So many questions still linger… [Spoilers] Are Walt and Jesse really going to be able to clean up their lives? What’s Hank going to do with his newfound revelation? Will anyone ever be able to find a reason to like Skylar? Who’s going to die (they can’t all live happily ever after after all the evil Walt’s sown)?

There’s been a lot of extra tidbits revealed recently along with the premiere date. A talk show to analyze each episode will be added to AMC for this season, Talking Bad. Also, a potential spinoff for criminal lawyer Saul Goodman is in talks – yes, please make this happen! It’s roughly four months to go until the show returns, here’s a little behind-the-scenes to hold us over for now:

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  1. princles

    It’s going to be a showdown. They better do it good, keeping us waiting for a year. Oh and I miss Gus.

  2. Dont think it will be a “Everybody Wins” ending to this greatness of a show. Walt is going to die, fact by Vince the creator… just not by cancer. If Jesse dies, I will join him.

  3. Donnie Tyler

    No more cooking! That is my only complain about the remaining 8 episodes. I love the montages. Will survive with Mad Men until August.

  4. Maybe I should start watching the series.

  5. The dust

    As much as it would set a bad example for Walt to get away with everything he’s done, I can’t help but think he’s gonna get away with all his dirty deeds. I still sympathize with him trying to provide for his family, but he must atone for his actions.

  6. My Mrs Cried when Mike died. I said you do know he was a stone cold killer? She said I know, I just wanted to give him a big hug!

  7. Robert Miller

    I love this show so much. The wait until August is so long! I almost wonder if Walt lives but loses everyone around him. I’ve always felt that he would find a way out, but never felt that same security for the others like his wife and kids. Should be amazing as always.

  8. Let’s hope Vince Gilligan stumbles upon another ‘accident’ like Gus Fring.

  9. Jordan David

    At this point, I’m just hoping that Walt hasn’t died of old age.

  10. Michael Buchanan

    Words cannot describe my excitement. Currently re watching all the series so far on Netflix to refresh my memory and have me prepared for this epic finale

  11. Nicole Christou

    I still argue that the mid season finale is one of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen. To appease the spoiler-phobes out there, all I’ll say is one word: toilet. (How great was that?)

    • Rosanne

      You’re right! It was a totally casual scene, but I was completely twisted into knots just wondering what could possibly happen in those last three minutes!

    • Tigey

      Maybe WW stands for wet wipe?

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