Can the events that occur in the popular TV series 'Doctor Who' happen in real life?

This probably is mulled over by lots of fans of the science fiction show and it certainly can leave us wondering if such events that The Doctor finds himself in (an example like the water found on mars turning people into zombified creatures, or WiFi taking over the world and trapping people in a web of minds) can possibly happen in reality. As technology rapidly evolves, we can only wait and see where the exploits of humankind take us…

  • What exactly might you be looking to write about for this topic? This could perhaps be an article about how exactly certain episodes events might happen in real life using scientific evidence, similar to Mythbusters (proving whether or not a fictional situation in a movie or show could plausibly occur in real life). Try to make the aim of the article a bit more specific. – SophIsticated 7 years ago
  • This topic brings to mind several specific episodes in which technology and human's reliance upon it, allows humanity to be easily taken over by a conquering force, or by sentient technology itself. There are another handful of episodes dealing with how a planet's inhabitants poor relationship with their environments bring about destruction or near destruction. Perhaps by focusing upon one group of related possibilities one could explore the cautionary nature of the series in relationship to technological and/or environmental issues currently unfolding upon our planet. – L Squared 7 years ago
  • Although I haven't watched the series myself yet, it might be worth checking out the show "The Science of Doctor Who" by Brian Cox. It explores the scientific merit of Doctor Who and how much of the show's narrative adheres to the possibilities presented in science fiction and how much may be pure fantasy. – aprosaicpintofpisces 6 years ago

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