Coming out: big deal or nbd ?

From what I believe, this year, 2015, has the most youtube stars coming out of the closet and inspiring other LGBT youth to boost their confidence of coming out as well. While coming out is a big deal to the LGBT persons themselves, how does the audience or their peers view it as? What are your thoughts?

  • Youtubers coming out of the closet shows gradual and welcomed change in our society. We sadly do live in a world where people are still discriminated agents for being LBGTQ+. So when our favorite Youtube stars do come out as LBGTQ+, it is inspirational, and it gives a positive message for the LBGTQ+ community moving forward. – Aaron Hatch 8 years ago
  • With more and more celebrities coming out, they have voiced to others that it is okay to show exactly who you are. Role models expressing their support has given a lot of young people the courage to face the truth about themselves. – sabrinar 8 years ago
  • As a member of the LGBTQ community I often find myself asking this question. It's great to have the support of role models who are coming out and straight allies, but I sometimes worry that getting too hyped up about whose gay or an ally continues to marginalize the group as "the other," thereby making "coming out" a sign of difference in that it is not natural. I think an interesting question to explore along with this is: Is this potentially harmful to the end goal? – snufflemuggin 8 years ago
  • Sadly, like the majority of things that are valid and serious, such as rape, find its way into the media where it is then turned into pure entertainment and people forget the significance and reality of things. This is a great topic, but should be focused on in a serious matter where entertainment doesn't outshine true matters such as discrimination against sexual orientation or preference. – arielsilkett 8 years ago

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