Could Sword Art Online become Reality?

If you haven’t caught wind of this series, don’t be surprised. It is still airing in Japan (now in its second season) and not on DVD here in the US yet.  To give you a quick overview, it is about a virtual video fantasy game that ends up with a wild twist (we will tell you later after the break).


It is set in the not too distant future and is a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) – even the acronym is long. You wear a helmet that allows you to use your 5 senses within the game.  Think of it as The Matrix mixed with World of Warcraft (WoW) or Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). How cool would that be to feel the Sword or Battle Axe in your hands swinging it at Ogres? You also have a virtual interface to switch weapons, review your inventory, check on others and eat.

The good news is there would be no eye strain or corporal tunnel syndrome, but probably bed sores. I would be investing in a very comfortable bed.

Sword Art Online
Here are some of the characters that are on Sword Art Online.

Here is a possible (and silly) scenario that may happen. Your Mom would have to tap into the game to get you to come to dinner or clean you room.  While in the mist of a battle, you hear “Harold Honey, time for dinner! Put down that stick and make sure you wash your hands”. What would everyone in your party think of that little episode – besides thunderous laughter?

Did we mention that it hijacks all the players virtually with no way to log out. You read that right, you enter a virtual fantasy world for a little bit of fun and excitement, then BANG – this happens. There is a massive announcement by the game designer which is broadcast to everyone. He tells you that the only way you can get out of the game is to complete all the levels. On top of that, if you die in the game, you will die in the real world as well. Just to add insult to injury, they replace your current avatar bodies with your actual one in the real world. No hiding your face now!

Now don’t worry as it isn’t all gloom and doom. We do see relationships build, alliances made and a bit of romance to boot. What would you expect if you were stuck in a game for a couple years?

How do you think this would pan out if it happened today?

Would the Government get involved?

What would happen the the thousands of people stuck on the game?

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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  1. The Antecator

    Second season? I if may correct you it’s actually still in it’s first season, and on another note what is this article about? Was this meant to be a small overview or a teaser for the series? I feel this post brings nothing to the table….

    • Dan Grove

      All anime in Japan runs about 11 to 13 episodes and done based on the 4 seasons. They are on their second run and second season. I apologize for any confusion on that matter as I was basing this on process that they anime is released on.

  2. Sir Hadenough

    Your title is deceptive and unjust, this article goes into no depth what so ever about the subject it promises. You’ve only done a rough overview of the start of the series. You should rewrite your article so it actually is relevant to the title or change the title to something more fitting. if I could rate this I would give it a 0 out of 5 a total waste of time, the writer is obviously not cut out for this.

    • Dan Grove

      The title is a opening argument to the article. I was presenting the reader with an overview and understanding of the story. From there, the questions are asked for them to make their own observations and answer the title of the article.

    • Jada Luvs Anime!

      There is a 2nd season he/she is just talking about the 1st one i’m thinking? Maybe but I’m not sure if I’m right LOL.

  3. Just another anime guy

    I read this article and fail to see any valid arguments or reasons why the system used in Sword Art Online could become reality. All that I see in this article is mostly a very generalised summary of the premise of the anime. Article does not discuss what is in the heading. Also it’s still in it’s first season. Sword Art Online is a two cour show so I’ll just chalk this up to being an error in wording. If I were to really nitpick this article I’d say there is no such thing as “Corporal Tunnel syndrome” but that would just be silly.

    • Dan Grove

      It seems that everyone is taking things literally and not in the fun it is presented. I want to present things in a more entertaining and inviting environment. I will take all of this into consideration for any future articles.

      LOL, I guess I took the wording directly as it should have been ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’.

      • Just another anime guy

        There are taking things literaly, not having fun etc and there is writing a professional article in which you don’t write about your opening argument. Your argument was “Could SAO become reality” From this title I’d expect to read about how the nerve gear system works and current technologies or areas of research that could possibly make this an eventuality. Instead you mainly say some things that could happen while playing in Sword Art Online game. Now if this article was merely for fun and is the jumping off point for a discussion on whether or not one would want to see the Nerve gear system and games such as Sword Art Online implemented in real life then this topic has been done to death already in various forums. If I see an article posing the question of whether this concept could become reality, then I’d expect to see the question addressed and answered in some way using evidence and research. It is an Article after all.

        • Dan Grove

          I appreciate your follow up on this and can see your point. This should have been taken into a different direction than original thought of.

  4. battledash

    This actually could be a great forum hot topic, I personally would really like this to become reality, but we are nowhere near that kind technology quite yet as consumers.

    • Dan Grove

      It would be quite an interesting concept for gaming as you could immerse yourself within the environment completely. I am sure once the tech is made, Google may be the ones since they have a sort of jump on the glasses they are developing. I just hope Microsoft isn’t the one though.

      • Dandorian

        So what tech do we still need? I mean SAO is pretty much dreaming only a computer program controls your senses not your brain. I’ve had dreams that felt SOOOOOOO real with all 5 of my senses that when I wake up I thought i was telleported into my bed. So how could you tap into that type of hallucination and make it into a console?

  5. 505 Brigade

    Well, it is possible SAO is a wish for all gamers a lot of things is possible we just have to wait.I mean when I was 4 I already played ps 2 until I turned 10 and I never expect or even imagine they create ps 4

  6. Well SAO would be cool if it actually was but we have to wait until it comes out. I a gamer for life and i would rather be stuck in that world then this one.

  7. This is not realated to tge question but i think that the nerve gear is possible.using extensif research i saw that to creat the nerve gear all you need is something to intercept the signals sent to the body parts as well as a transmitter that sends signals the brain.

  8. Actually, Referring To The Dreaming Theory, There Are Easy Ways To Learn How To Control Your Dreams Through Lucid Dreaming. I Have Been Able To Control My Dreams Since I Was 10, So It Really Would Not Be Too Difficult To Utilize The Natural Dream State While Nullifying The Pain Aspect Of The Dreams. Although It Would Essentially Be Like Pitting Your Dream Control Against anothers

  9. Mary Awad

    Now with the oculus getting hype it seems that this may very well become a reality, which is terrifying but also very exciting!!

  10. Jordan

    I can’t remember seeing this article on the website when it was originally published – how weird.
    The comments above were quite harsh about your article. I agree that it could have gone into a lot more detail but it is also the editors fault for not picking up on this and providing you with feedback as well.
    It would be really cool if you could re-write this especially with the movie “Her” having coming out and how that basically deals with a not-too-distant future. The issue of mum calling for dinner would be a disruption to consider for the platform – would you be able to hear it while you’re playing the game?

  11. Jasper Glaser

    I think of the concept as a console that was mainlly for SOA, but you can do what you could do on your computer or xbox like play music or COD as long as the console is pluged in to the computer or xbox it may be beside the point but that is what I want to happen . Because it makes it more fun and useful and efetient pluss alot of people would would buy it ..^^

  12. Anthony Olguin

    i believe that this is a possibility thinking of all this technology that we already have today. besides the point of the “not being able to log out.. I mean seriously no one in there right mind would create such a game and not get away with it… but being stuck in a game wouldn’t be so bad seeing as how you have all 5 senses and the emotional drive in the game and the device you wear can control everything and has the same feeling as your body does in real life. I was reading a forum earlier today and said that in the near future if all the elements and resources were available which I think is a high possibility, then the nervegear in S.A.O could be produce and highly manufactured seeing as how there are already more than a few million people hooked on vrmmorpg such as myself…I mean really, is it that hard to think of a device like that…if I had half the brains as Stephen Hawkins then I could make that nervegear out of a couple radios a microwave a few dozen inches of electrical cords and some other divices that some of you may not know of so I simply wont waste my time typing them. the fact of the matter is, S.A.O can be a possibility…. easier said than done though right?

  13. Tatijana

    A game about playing a game? Haha. I actually want to write books about some virtual reality games and what could end up happening to people.

  14. I think that any way to get away to this world it would be a good idea to me. It doesn’t matter the risk that I face cuz I’ll accept everything.

  15. As a fan of SAO and VRMMORPG I honestly think the government would attempt to get involved and mysteriously “fail” somehow. The story of SAO (as in the beginning) would become reality and eventually the game would be beat but, it wouldn’t be 2 years. It would take longer with the way some of the player styles. The human race doesn’t get along with one another in this day and age. I believe that a lot of the players that has logged in would die not just because of PKers they would go mad, and commit suicide ask someone to strike them down. I also, believe that there would be some players that would just conform.

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