Death Note after L

It is exciting to watch Light and L intellectually battle throughout the T.V. show. However, after L dies, does the show lose this excitement? L’s presence seemed to serve a crucial function to keep the audience engaged. As one kept wondering, who would win? Light or L? Once L dies, the victor is clear. With the lose of L, what once captivated the audience is also lost.

  • It is to vague. Why do you think it loses excitement? Talk about the different characters that substitute L's absence. – Andrestrada 8 years ago
  • It seems like a promising topic but maybe you could provide a little more details about the context. It would be helpful if you offer some hints about what people should analyze/ examine. – Nilab Ferozan 8 years ago
  • Would this be more of a comparison between L and Near/Mello? Or a comparison of the structuring of the 'dance' between Light/L, Light having to be an absolute master of planning, even without memory, as opposed to the way in which he deals with L's successors? Also, is this exclusively about the show, or also about the manga? – chandlerwp 8 years ago
  • It could be interesting to focus on Light's character between the first half and the second (after L's death). Light's character changes a bit throughout the series, and no doubt a lot of it involved his struggle with trying to get L out of the picture. For me, I think the series lost its excitement when it took away any sympathy Light could possibly have (or any sympathy the audience could feel for him). In my opinion, Light's story felt less compelling after L's death because the show had constantly built up their rivalry, only to drop another "opponent" (Near) on the viewer, which the viewer had no prior attachment to or knowledge of. – Filippo 8 years ago
  • This needs to be way more specific in order for any kind of productive article to come out of the topic. It's a bit too proud and subjective, as far as what you're defining as "excitement" – Antebellum 8 years ago
  • I was never a big fan of the series after L dies. Light vs. L is the early stage character & plot development and thus, naturally, has more excitement and theatrical tension. I agree with @Filippo up there that Light's story felt "less compelling after L's death". Personally, I'd even prefer the story to maintain the Death Note concept but change the MCs after Light has lost his destined rival L. It is best for the villain & the hero to end their journey upon the death of one party, and I'd definitely want to see someone write about this topic. – Chiharu 8 years ago

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