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    The XXI Century Films that Will Become Classics

    Nowadays, the Hollywood system seems to be overshadowing the power of an auteur; everything is about the money. However, the indie film industry has been creating a new generation of auteurs that are making potential classics. There are hidden gems behind the Hollywood blockbusters that will someday become classics. The visibility of these types of movies has increased due to the growth of people’s interest in film festivals and the film world. Movies like "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" by Schnabel, and "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" by Gondry are the perfect examples of the pictures that are defining this generation. I want you to explore what makes a movie a "classic" and to find if there is a common thread among these movies.

    • If you are going to discuss what XXI century films will become classics, certain terms will need to be defined. What do you mean by classic? Is it a film that audiences watch as serious cinephiles? Is it a film that has garnered a cult following? Which directors are auteurs and how is that term now defined? – ptoro 8 years ago

    What is worthy for A listers?

    Since 2007-2008 TV has evolved exponentially. What used to be cinema’s little brother, has now become a top contender against the industry. In the old days, A list actors and actresses thought it was shameful to move from the big screen to the silver screen, normally, it was the other way around. Nowadays, we see big actors on the little screen. For example: Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager, or Eva Green in Penny Dreadful, or Matthew McConaughey in True Detective. Can an A list actor or actress maintain their "tittle" even if they switch from movies to TV? Are there more opportunities on TV than in the film industry? Which one grants the most financial stability? Is it the quality of the shows or the networks behind them that attract the talent?

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      Latest Comments

      Great article!

      Snowpiercer and Social Revolution

      Nicely done, mate! Incredible article.

      Bioshock and the Illusion of Choice in Gaming

      Great! I really think that the show is taking full advantage of how it is being aired (netflix). Nice article about one of my favourites satires of Hollywood’s lifestyle.

      Bojack Horseman: Balancing Humor and Dark Themes

      Loved it. Anime is a great medium for people to understand such a complex society as the Japanese. However, can’t help but feel like this reads more like an essay than an article. Nevertheless, great job!

      What the West Learned About Japanese Culture from Anime

      I did not know that there were so many oversized superheroes/villains in the comic book world. Great to expand my knowledge on this subject.

      Overweight Superheroes and Supervillains

      I love many biopics, but I feel like Hollywood is overdoing them. Maybe this is because of the lack of original material, so they make a movie out of something that happened already. I like what Don Cheadle does on Miles Ahead: he takes a real life person and makes a fiction film out of it. It gives the audience something familiar (the character) while doing something different with this person’s life. The same thing is happening with the Elvis and Nixon movie that is coming soon. The filmmaker takes a true story and gives it a twist by creating a fictional world.

      The New Wave of Biopics

      I like the idea of mixing series that might work well together, but I think it should remain as an idea. I believe that the series’s worlds should remain individual, if mixed, certain “rules” from one universe may not apply for the other, and this can damage every series involved.

      The Keys to SuperWhoLock

      I have always said that people should make movies for the blind and for the deaf. The visual part of cinema should tell a story while the audio tells another one. The mix of both is what makes cinema the incredible medium that it is. However, people underestimate the power of sounds, and as you mention, it amplifies the power of a movie if used properly. I rather watch a movie with low image quality than with bad audio.

      Importance of Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sounds in Film