Disabilities & Storytelling

Discover how various films handle disabilities and understand why most main characters do not have a disability while side characters do. Examine the exceptions, good and bad.
Examples: Forest Gump, How to Train your Dragon etc.

  • Interesting topic! The French movie “The Intouchables” / “Untouchable” may be another example, as it tackles the relationship between two very different men, one of the differences between them being the fact that one is quadriplegic, while is other is able-bodied. – Gavroche 4 years ago
  • Might want to look at General Amaya from The Dragon Prince. She is Deaf and communicates through sign language within the cartoon. Awesome side character. – Sean Gadus 4 years ago
  • Some more suggestions: The Secret Garden (there are many versions, and you could talk about the unfortunate implication that Colin's disability is "fake," as well as how disability plays into his emotional stunting/healing) Rain Man (so problematic I can't stand it, but worth analysis) Heidi (unfortunate implication that disability can or should be cured/analysis and implications of Klara's self-determination or lack thereof) Plus the almost complete lack of non-white, female, non-straight, or otherwise minority characters with disabilities in film – Stephanie M. 4 years ago

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