Do we really need live-action Disney remakes?

From Snow White to Cinderella, the the anticipated release of Beauty and the Beast – do we really need to see yet another version of the same story? Consider the in relation to Disney’s dominance over the family movie industry.

  • We might also wonder what doing a live action remake does for the original story. Does the remake add anything or bring a different perspective to the story? Or is Hollywood just being lazy by not creating original storylines? – S.A. Takacs 9 years ago
  • I think it would also help to explore the difference between showing the original classics to kids today in comparison to them seeing the new live-action remakes. What difference or impact does seeing one version over the other have, if any at all? And like S.A. Takacs mentioned, it would be help to explore this by looking at what the remakes have to do to update their story to appeal to modern audiences. – Seth Childers 9 years ago
  • It might be a good idea to compare and contrast the new Cinderella vs the Old. The old version has its problems, but is the new one better than the old? Do both movies have their places? Is the message still the same, but updated? What are the elements of both stories that could be perceived as good or bad? – Schmerica11 9 years ago
  • Another thing you could tie-in would be live-action versions of other shows, such as Nickelodeon's Avatar flop. It failed firstly cause no one liked the movie, and secondly because all of the characters were portrayed by white actors. What will Disney do to support ethnic princesses such as Mulan or Jasmine, who are not Caucasian and should not be represented by Caucasian actresses? – selizabeth 9 years ago

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