Does Blogging Really Help Promote Self-Publishers?

Analyze whether or not blogging is truly effective in the endeavors of self-published authors to promote their books. Does blogging actually help, or are self-publishers just wasting their time? Is it possible to stand out in the blogging world when so many people blog?

  • I think this is an interesting topic. Might I suggest reaching out to mark@markmanson.net. He managed to turn his blogging career into a book and might have some interesting perspectives on the topic. – derBruderspielt 6 years ago
  • Quite helpful – AdamCinder 6 years ago
  • I'd also be interested to know how true to life the film 'Julia and Julie' is and whether the implications within, of a first time blogger that reaches literary success, has influenced more people to follow this path. The list of New York Times top blogs is probably an aim form many people. – SaraiMW 6 years ago

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