The Fairy Tail Franchise’s Success: Love and War


Every genre of TV has a series that rules them all. In the anime world (shōnen anime) Naruto, Bleach , and One Piece are commonly referred to as “The Big 3”, as these are generally the series that introduce people to the amazing and creative world of anime. In the recent years the newer anime Fairy Tail  has been climbing the ranks and becoming a very successful franchise. On a side note, Naruto has ended and Bleach will soon be finished, and these may be important factors leading to Fairy Tail’s recent climb in rank. It is a new and continuing series, drawing in more viewers.

Starting in 2009, Fairy Tail has been going steady with 7 seasons, and over 270 episodes (including the prequel, Fairy Tail Zero). Some have begun to wonder if Fairy Tail will be next to join ‘The Big 3’. Why has it become so popular? Let’s find out, shall we?

Spoilers to follow.

The Characters

Each character in Fairy Tail is unique, and our main characters get intricate back stories that are explored in every season. The audience has the opportunity to learn about each character’s personality and connect with them on a personal level. Even more exciting is that the creators (Hiro Mashima) continue to incorporate new details from each character as the series progresses. In order to understand why the characters are such a huge success, let’s take a look some of the show runners.


lucy fairy tail
Lucy Heartfilia: Fairy Tail

As our main character, Lucy is fun, relatable, passionate, and, not unlike the other characters, has a hidden past. Lucy is a Celestial Wizard; she is able to call spirits from another world to come fight for her. Most Celestial Wizards in the anime treat their spirits like slaves, but being the compassionate and caring person she is, Lucy respects her spirits, as she does her friends and guild members. In the beginning of the series Lucy is not very powerful and is seen as a weaker member of the guild; however, as the anime moves along, Lucy grows and becomes stronger, not only in the sense of her powers, but her determination as well. Although Lucy can be slightly ditzy at times, she will fight to the death for her friends, and the fans admire this side of her.


Lucy’s partner in crime Natsu is a hot-headed wizard who has dedicated his life to becoming the best Fire Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail. Being the comic relief with his buddy Happy, they provide humor for the majority of the episodes. Though Natsu is generally more focused on his stomach than important matters, he is always there when he is needed. This exaggeration of his hunger and his humor is a great way to entice a viewer. Although Natsu is generally carefree, he can become very serious whenever his friends are threatened. His love for his Fairy Tail family drives him to conquer all who oppose him. Natsu’s dedication to his friends is fierce, along with his will to never give up, making him the poster child for the Fairy Tail Wizard Guild.


(From left to right) Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy: Fairy Tail

Natsu’s competitive nature would not show as much as it does if it were not for his best friend and rival, Gray. As an Ice Wizard, Gray is Natsu’s natural opposite in every way; where Natsu is rash and impulsive, Gray is calm and calculating. One of Gray’s strange quirks is the fact that he continually removes his shirt as his wizard training involved him running through the snow without any clothes (being shirtless is second nature). Most of the other characters have to remind him to put his clothes back on, especially Natsu. Even though they claim to hate each other, they both know that they would do anything for one another.


Any good team requires a leader, and Erza is the captain of Lucy, Natsu, and Gray’s motley crew. Being one of the strongest members in the guild, Erza is feared and loved by all. She is just as vibrant as her red hair, and can wield magic like no other. Ezra uses equippped magic, meaning she is able to change into various armors, each outfit coming with a special skill set. Most of the characters in the show are scared of Erza, although she is secretly warmhearted. Having a soft spot for her friends is one of the characteristics that ties her to the rest of her team. Any one of them would do what they had to in order to save their friends.

War: Combat Ready Plot Lines

Not only does Fairy Tail have the intense battles, but the combat scenes throughout the different arcs as well. Each character is given a chance to evolve and grow in not only their magical abilities, but their personality. The enemies in each arc are chosen to confront and test one or more character. These foes challenge the characters like never before, forcing them to grow stronger, or perish. In order to examine this, we need to take a look at a couple important arcs that really develop our main crew.

Galuna Island Arc

The Galuna Island Arc is very much Gray’s story. The plot for Galuna Island reveals most of Gray’s background and the connection to his mysterious mentor. Gray faces his former training partner, Lyon, who unlike Gray, refuses to accept their tragic past. Lyon condems Gray as the cause of their teacher’s death and will stop at nothing to get revenge. As the two battle, Gray’s full magical potentional and willpower is seen.

maxresdefault (1)
Gray in the Galuna Island Arc: Fairy Tail

However, Lyon is stronger than Gray, and this is seen in their battle of ice-make magic. Both use the same type of magic, but Lyon can wield this specific power with only one hand, while Gray requires two. Gray is defeated by Lyon, and instantly begins to doubt his own power. In another fight sometime later, Gray is able to harness his power, and use his determination to beat Lyon in hand to hand combat. This showcases Gray’s willpower and need to prove himself to not only his enemies, but his friends as well. The intense battles between Gray and Lyon are what make this arc so emotionally powerful. Both were trained by Ur, and Lyon blames Gray for her death. The strikes from each of them is fueled by anger, guilt, and sorrow. The audience is able to learn more about Gray and the way his past shaped his personality. His hard outer shell and tough attitude come from the training he endured, the brutal death of his parents, and losing his mentor.

Tower of Heaven Arc

In this heart wrenching arc, the viewer gets a look into Erza’s painful past. Not only is there information on Erza, but the rest of the team is tested and put under pressure like never before. Natsu, Lucy, and Gray are all pushed to their limits, and their dedication to Erza is very apparent. The Tower of Heaven is a ‘R-System’, a magical item made out of Lacrima crystal that can revive someone from the dead. As a child, Erza was enslaved and forced to build the Tower, and by liberating her fellow prisoners she was able to escape; however, she lost her dearest friend Jellal to the power of the Tower, as he was taken over by the evil spirit Zeref. 8 years later Jellal has nearly finished bilding the tower, and he wishes for Erza to finish the job. After his minions kidnap Erza, Natsu and crew assemble to bring their friend and guildmate back from the clutches of Jellal.

The battles in this arc are epic, for lack of a better geek term. Erza versus Jellal is by far the most prominent. By shedding her armor and fighting in basic clothes, Erza exposes her primal talents. She is not afraid of Jellal, even if he is stronger than her. Eventually, Jellal is able to force Erza into the Lacrima, attempting to use her as a sacrifice. Natsu then appears and saves Erza, but the real threat is not over; Erza willing to sacrifice her life for her team. This is how deep her love and dedication goes for them. After the intense battle scenes, a gentler and more heart breaking chapter unfolds. Sitting on the edge of their seats, the viewer can’t help but feel the over powering emotions coming from Erza and Natsu in this moment. Both bruised and bloody from combat, they will not give up on one another. This arc is just one of the many moments in the anime that the team is tested and they come out strong. Erza gives up her life and therefore, is rewarded by keeping it. The fact that every main character has the willingness to die for their friends is just one of the many aspects that makes this anime successful.

Romance: Shipping More Than FedEx

What better than a little bit of romance to spice up an anime? Although none of the couples are officially canon in the anime, the fans still ship hard (ship=realtionship or relationshipping). The manga has gone further when it comes to the official couples, but the anime has stuck to a more romance free plot line. However, the affection that these characters have for their partner in crime is very obvious, and it keeps the audience patiently waiting for more. Here are some of the fan favorites:

Nalu (Natsu and Lucy)

Being the one responsible for bringing Lucy into the Fairy Tail guild, he feels protective of her. They are extremely close and in season 1, formed Team Natsu along with Happy. Natsu will not let anything happen to Lucy, even to the extent of laying down his own life in order to keep her safe and happy. In order to help her pay her rent, Natsu finds jobs for them to do together, and specifically looks for job requests within her skill set. He cares about Lucy’s well being, and does everything he can to encourage her.

Natsu and Lucy: Fairy Tail

Although Lucy sometimes gets annoyed with Natsu appearing randomly in her home, and his immature behavior, it shows how close they really are. Lucy would never let anyone else lounge around in her home uninvited. In the Macao Arc Lucy goes up a mountain with Natsu just to help him find his friend, Macao, even though at this point, she has known Natsu for less than a week. Another example of Lucy’s trust in Natsu was when the Phantom Lord guild attacks Fairy Tail; Lucy was taken prisoner and had to jump out of a tower into Natsu’s arms. Lucy is constantly worried about Natsu when he is fighting, but fears there is nothing she can do to help him. For example, in the Tenrou Island Arc Lucy holds Natsu while he unconscious from lack of magical power.

Will NaLu become canon? It is looking more and more like it every arc.

Gruvia (Gray and Juvia)

This is an interesting relationship, as Juvia (for the most part) is the only willing participant. For Juvia, it was love at first sight, and she has been obsessed with Gray ever since. Being a water wizard, she is compatible with Gray’s ice magic, and has made it her life’s mission to be with him. Her love in true, and it was seen in the Tenrou Island Arc, that she would do anything to save Gray. When Meredy uses her bonding magic, she is able to sense the connection between Juvia and Gray. Most of the time Juvia’s affection comes across as strange and obsessive, but she deeply cares for Gray.

Gray, on the other hand, is suspicious and cautious of Juvia. He finds her advances weird, annoying, and is resistant to her affection. However, as the seasons go on, Gray begins to warm up to Juvia. At times he will hold her, or show her his true emotions. At the end of the Tartarus Arc, Gray breaks down and cries in front of Juvia after she admits she killed the necromancer possessing his father. After opening up to Juvia, Gray might come around to her after all.

GaLe (Gajeel and Levy)

This couple had a very rough start, as Gajeel was part of the enemy guild, Phantom Lord. Initially he attacked Levy and her team, pinning them up on a tree with the Phantom Lord logo embedded onto Levy’s stomach. Eventually when Gajeel joined Fairy Tail, Levy was terrified of him. Later, when Gajeel volunteers to be Levy’s partner for the S-Class wizard trials, they begin to grow closer. Gajeel cares about Levy’s safety, so much as that his own life is worth less than hers. He takes on two major wizards on Tenrou Island, just to keep her safe. It will be interesting to see how the creators develop their relationship further in the anime.

All is fair in love and war. Fairy Tail is best known for these two elements, and the fans love it. There is action packed battles, emotional plot twists, and romantic moments that leave us wanting more. Now that we have looked at the major aspects of Fairy Tail, its time for you to decide. Will Fairy Tail make up ‘The Big 4’ with Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece?


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  1. This world need more extra extra long series like bleach naruto fairy tail, one piece, etc. I hope that the japanese would someday make a senien series with 300+ episodes.

  2. I’ll be honest: my first impression of Fairy Tail was: not impressed. All of season 1 was (and is, by the way) available on Netflix so I decided I would go ahead and keep watching. After that, I feel that everything is uphill from there.

  3. Studio-X

    Fairytail shows how each and every character are unique in their own way. At first we see Loke and Cana, maybe even thinking their just normal unimportant characters..

    But, when we continue to watch, we see how each of them has their own moments of happiness and sadness, having their own touching and wonderful story.
    I like how connected the guild members are to each other, in times of happiness and times of despair. They care their guild mates more than themselves, as well as other people, known or unknown. The story shows us kindness in a fun and touching way.

    That’s what I like about Fairytail. About how we are all equal and special in or own ways. I love all the funny parts too.

    • JC

      I agree, wholeheartedly! The characters that don’t seem important in the beginning turn out to have their own significant stories. Thanks for reading!

  4. Tigey

    I’ll have to watch it soon. Thanks for writing the article.

  5. I might have to take it under consideration and watch it based on this article. When it comes to long term shows, I never got into Bleach nor do I think that I ever will but I did get back into Naruto Shippuden with epsode 200 almost two years ago even though a huge gap was missing. Like between episode 50 and 200. I was a big fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and that had 112 episodes.

  6. I stopped at 120~ with that filler arc =_= too long.

  7. Yu Worth

    I’ve been a fan of Mashima-sensei since Rave Master and picked this series up as soon as I heard he was at the helm, no questions asked. And I’m glad I followed it and saw it through the best arcs and shippings and fanservice (for both boys and girls) and ass-kicking and uber cheesy friendship speeches that will never get old!

    Reading the manga is the way to go for me. Mashima’s art and character design are really striking, and for something that doesn’t move, the panels are really dynamic.

  8. It is an outstanding anime series.

  9. There could’ve been some more serious fights with this anime instead of going for a series for all the easily impressed kids to get entertained by.

  10. The show is decent as background noise while you’re also doing something else, or something good to watch when you don’t want to pay too close of attention.

  11. dreamlikediana

    I honestly don’t even remember what arc I stopped watching at, but this was a great read! In the beginning when it first came out its rank was pretty much up there, but I’ve been told that it got pretty dry after a point. I may pick back up, but to be honest, I’m not positive. I have only ever finished reading mangas, not so much extensive animes.

  12. Just another anime I have to add to the list

  13. Fairy Tail is one of my favorite long-running shows for many reasons. But the only problem I personally had with it, was how long the series goes. I am not a huge fan of long-running animes because of filler episodes, or it drags on sometimes, but that is just me. Another thing I’d like to point out, is this is an anime that is not meant to be watched seriously.

  14. Fairy Tail is a series that you’ll either love or hate.

  15. Marybeth

    Sometimes the fights between the characters get a little repetitive and sometimes boring.

  16. I’d read the manga before the anime was announced and enjoyed it some, but never got back to it and didn’t really like the 1st ep of the series.

    • JC

      If you haven’t already, I would say give it another shot. The first episode wasn’t amazing, but it gets better (in my own opinion).

  17. Fairy Tail is a pretty good series even if I find it clichéd in terms of other shonen anime.

  18. Probably what has kept this series afloat for many viewers is the fanservice, which is quite excessive.

  19. Fairy Tail simply lacks a solid, driven plot and instead gets lost in a series of small arcs that all seem to resolve in a similar way.

  20. Fairy Tail had some very attractive lady characters.

  21. My sister’s been reading the manga, I might just go watch :/ might be better.

  22. I may actually watch the series.

    I’m still traumatized from trying to watch Naruto and Bleach in my early days. It was like being in one of those mazes where it just keeps going, and going, and going, and you’re like… “damn, I’m never gonna get out of here.”

  23. Fairy Tail appears like an odd anime to me. It doesn’t appeal to me as much as Naruto or Bleach but obviously it has its own wizarding force that compels legion of fans to follow it and get inspired.

  24. Believe me when I say that I do not hate anime. Dragonball Z, Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood are all anime that I like. And Fairy Tail steals from almost every one of them. The character’s are bland.

  25. This animation is the best animation i’ve ever seen. It is a good anime but it is a type of fantasy that use magic to help the other.

  26. This anime is excellent to its very core…the thing is , that it has a humorous tone other than plan old serious.

  27. There are plenty of positive messages in every single episode.

  28. onikagenoken

    I like Fairytail a lot. Personally I do not think it is that bland or repetitive (though everyone is entitled to their own opinions obviously). It does have fan-service issues. But the best thing I can say in its favor is: Erza Scarlet. Seriously, no question my favorite female character in all of anime. In my mind she more than makes up for the fan-service.

  29. I had high hopes for Fairy Tail as I began reading nearly a year ago, however I’ve come to the point that I continue reading simply because I don’t like to stop reading/watching a series once I’m more than halfway through.

    Fairy Tail hosts a grand cast of lackluster characters with shallow development and a hollow plot; the tropes are as in step with traditional shonen manga as a professional dancer with their partner.

    What would make Fairy Tail interesting? If a major character could stay dead after they’ve died would make me less cynical about the whole story where friendship triumphs as the ultimate power over evil.

    The only redeeming quality of Fairy Tail is the character, Gajeel Redfox, who thus far has proved to be more interesting, and has had a greater character development throughout the series than the series’ actual main characters.

    I await the end of Fairy Tail with high hopes. However, I’m sure, like many of the characters who have perished in the series, Fairy Tail will manage to rear its head once more once it’s “finished.”

  30. “The Big 3” are what made my childhood even more memorable, because they weren’t just cartoons they taught some really great moral values that allowed me to always look at the bright side of life, to never give up on what you believe and that true friends makes everything better and therefore you should cherish them. I was also sadden when Naruto ended and the other two are now on the line of ending as well, because I wanted them to go on forever for other generation of kids to have something to watch and be entertain and is learning at the same time just like it did with me. However with the the creation of Fairy Tail there is hope that they will get the experience the joy of what real anime is all about and will be able the relate and grow with the characters.

  31. For me, the true strength of Fairy Tail came from its soundtrack. The emotional buildup that this soundtrack allows is awe inspiring, providing just enough to get tears to come to eyes even though something truly sad isn’t happening. Especially the main theme of the original series. It provides a true unifying feel, and makes you reflect on your friendships. Or that could just be me

  32. I really appreciated this piece. While I fell off of watching the show a while ago, I have keeping up with the manga. This recap of everything that was great about Fairy Tail is much appreciated, as apparently the manga is wrapping up soon.

    I have to re-read or pick the show back up once manga finishes up. Anyway, this was great and please keep up the awesome writing.

  33. Hmm..Actaully, I kind of like Fairy Tail as a series which strengthens my belief in humanity. Redemption and absolution is something which resonates throughout Gajeel, Jellal , Ur and Meredy.I do feel that a significant character death coudl actually strengthen the plot. Duex Ex Machina aside, I loved Wendy ahving to choose between Carla and the guild, something whic reveals the maturity of the youngest witch… Irony at its finest

  34. Hmm..Actaully, I kind of like Fairy Tail as a series which strengthens my belief in humanity. Redemption and absolution is something which resonates throughout Gajeel, Jellal , Ur and Meredy.I do feel that a significant character death coudl actually strengthen the plot. Duex Ex Machina aside, I loved Wendy ahving to choose between Carla and the guild, something which reveals the maturity of the youngest witch… Irony at its finest

  35. Hmm..Actaully, I kind of like Fairy Tail as a series which strengthens my belief in humanity. Redemption and absolution is something which resonates throughout Gajeel, Jellal , Ur and Meredy.I do feel that a significant character death coudl actually strengthen the plot. Duex Ex Machina aside, I loved Wendy having to choose between Carla and the guild, something which reveals the maturity of the youngest witch… Irony at its finest

  36. Fairy was the first anime I watched and I love how each character shows their own personality.

  37. Fairy Tail is a powerful anime (story) that enchants the way of thinking. The anime has something for everyone and every age. The plot, quotes , soundtracks, motivational and inspirational speeches make it worthy to watch .

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