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    Online vs Print: The Digital Age of Books

    Discuss the history of books, moving from paperback to online. Consider what kind of options these new online books give people, and explore your own preference as to physical paperback books or books online, on your phone, or on an e-reader. Also reflect on how this industry can expand- can/will it? Will we ever see the end of paperback books, or is that, at the end of the day, what we will always return to?

    • I was completely against e-readers until I witnessed how quickly I could have a book in the palm of my hands. No matter the time, within seconds, the book was mine to relish--and that is how I personally became hooked on the e-reader. Do I still buy paperbacks, of course! The Strand Bookstore in NYC is my favorite place (especially the $1 vendors located outside the store!!) and I will never cease visiting this treasure trove of books that are impossible t find at the big name book sellers. Another plus about e-readers is the ability to search a word or phrase. In mere seconds, you can see how many times a word was used throughout the novel, or find the quote your professor was referring to that you forgot to mark off in your paperback. Personally, I find it much easier to read from print books, and I do feel I absorb more information. As a previous graduate student, I would also buy the ebook to look up information in a quick fashion when writing papers. Also, with things such as kindle unlimited for $8.99, a month, an e-reader is the way to go. $9 a month, and you can read 30 books in a month, if you choose?! – danielle577 12 months ago
    • To danielle577, I love your passion! I truly wish I could say I feel the same way, though. I really do. E-books are so easy, and the question of e-reader vs. print has been present in my mind for years now. There's something to the palpability of paper that I can't be without. Maybe mine is the emotional argument, where yours makes the most sense and has the most benefits! And for the record, thanks for your love of the Strand. I'm a fellow New Yorker and the Strand is truly wonderful. It's a shame that type of book culture isn't too common anymore. – elroddavid 3 months ago

    The Magic of Harry Potter

    With the newest book in the Harry Potter universe coming out soon, and considering the new movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" entering theatres in November, discuss the different ways in which the Harry Potter universe has attracted millions of fans. Consider the writing style of the books, the movies, the theme parks, and all of the things that make Harry Potter what it is today. Discuss where you expect the wizarding world to go, and how it has impacted our world.


      Supernatural: The Success and Failure of Continuing Series'

      Analyze both the successes and failures the TV show Supernatural has encountered; the plot lines of different seasons and where the original plan to end the series was found, the success of the fanbase, the acting, the writing, and the plans to continue the series. Compare it to other long-lasting TV series, and consider what makes them so successful. Consider as well, the well-done series that are cut short and what made them end up failing.

      • there is so much to talk about with this one, i love supernatural and sometimes i am surprised it is still standing and going on because normally you get tired of tv shows after 11+ seasons; but, not with supernatural. – scole 1 year ago
      • There's definitely a lot to talk about here, from the interesting use of mythology from around the world to create interesting threats to humanity as well as the bond between family and what exactly that means at the end of the day, to how writers and producers created in my opinion the perfect ending to the series at the conclusion of season 5 but continued the series, to the general attitude of queer baiting that seems to permeate the dialogue and interactions between Dean and Castiel. – Nayr1230 1 year ago

      Race and Culture in Disney

      Discuss what was going on behind the signs in older Disney movies, and analyze both the time period some of the movies were released in, and how the happenings of those times affected certain characters in the film. For example, discuss the portrayal of the ‘Indians’ in Peter Pan, or Aladdin, and his white American-sounding self in an Arabic community. Then, consider how Disney is changing its views on culture and race, and including new characters of different races and culture such as Tiana in The Princess and the Frog

      • I think it's less a matter of what was going on "behind the sighs" (did you mean "scenes"?) than it has to do with the ignorance of the times. I don't think anything in particular was happening in 1953 to influence the derogatory manner in which Peter Pan depicts native people; they simply didn't know better. They didn't understand what so-called "Indians" really were and knew nothing of their culture, which led to such horrible depictions. With regards to Aladdin (and the same is true of Pocahontas and Mulan), that's simply a matter of whitewashing, caused by white North American producers, screenwriters, and animators having trouble relating to a character who does not fit into their own cultural mould - and consequently believing that their audience (presumably comprised of other white North Americans) feels the same way. The Princess and the Frog was Disney's way of acknowledging the mistakes of their past and trying to make amends. Whether that was a genuine attempt at reparations or a mere token gesture remains to be seen. It has been nearly seven years since it came out, and we've yet to see another Disney film with the same representation of POC since. – ProtoCanon 1 year ago
      • Not that those crows in Dumbo were built on racial stereotypes... – Tigey 1 year ago
      • I think racial stereotypes also came from what Disney believed *kids* thought Indians were, or black people were, or whatever. If you were a kid growing up in the '40s and '50s, you might believe the crows in Dumbo talked the way real black people did, for instance. That, of course, brings up a whole other issue of what we've taught kids throughout the generations and how we can do better. If The Princess and the Frog is Disney's way of atoning for mistakes, it's a good start, even a great one. Personally though, I think they have more work to do, not only in representing people of color but representing all people groups. – Stephanie M. 5 months ago

      Hollywood vs Home: How We Influence What We See

      Analyze the way in which the film industry has changed over the past 10, 20, or even more years, focusing on the ways in which the changes in audience preference have led to changes in Hollywood, and the films we see in today’s society. Consider the ways that society has changed over the years, and how as things become more/less prevalent in society, they become more/less prevalent on the big screen. Contemplate what drives current films to be made, and what impact we, the audience, have on these films. For example, pick a genre of film such as spy or superhero, and consider how they were filmed based on the times (ex. films made in WWII vs films made now), how the societal norms have changed (ex. more/new technology, civil rights), and how the political and social actions of the time period in which the film was made and how that played into the way the film was created.

      • Lily could you give some examples which may help clarify the direction you would suggest the writer of this topic should pursue? Thank you. – Munjeera 1 year ago
      • Of course! I just updated the topic with some examples. Thank you for your input! – LilyaRider 1 year ago

      BBC's Merlin: The Show that Never Was

      Discuss both the positives and the negatives of BBC’s show Merlin, and consider why the show was cancelled after its previously successful seasons. Debate the reasoning behind ending the show the way it did, and the fans reactions to said ending. Hypothesize what benefits or negatives could have come out of continuing the show, both in terms of viewers and the BBC itself.

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        Great article! The Hero’s Journey is very interesting to consider, especially in the ways both Hollywood and the Greek and Roman classics tend to use it. Very thought-provoking.

        Mythological Motifs in Mainstream Media

        Excellent article! I must say, I’m very interested in how they’ll take the show now that Emma, Snow, Charming, and Belle have decided that they’re done. If they do it right, it could be worth following, but the writers will have to tread very carefully to keep their fanbase happy.

        Once Upon A Time: A Work of Creative Genius or a Tangled Mess?

        This is so important. He left such a mark on humanity itself, and I think that we need to recognize one of the most important things about him and his experience- one of the things you touched on in your article- the idea that after all he had been through and seen, he still kept his faith in what the human race can be. If someone who has been through the worst experience in human history can still hold faith that the human race can do great things, then why can’t the rest of us?

        A Sage's Passing: Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

        Fantastic article! It took me a while to realize just how wonderful a character Draco is, but especially after this article, I feel like I just read so much further into his character

        Why Draco Malfoy is one of the Most Underrated Characters in 'Harry Potter'

        Incredible article. It never really occurred to me that there was this deep a connection, but after reading this, I feel like my eyes have been opened. Excellent work!

        Star Wars, Nazis, and the Politics of Nonconformity in American Pop Culture

        I totally agree! One of the best iconic villains!

        Why The Joker Is The Best Villain We Have Ever Seen

        Fantastic suggestions! I’m definitely going to have to pick a few of those up!

        Essential Books for Writers

        Excellent article! You tied everything together wonderfully!

        In Defense of the Conclusion to "The Little Mermaid"