How To: Viral Videos

There are many websites trying to give tips and tricks on how to make a viral video, but is there really a formula? What are the first few ‘viral videos’ known on the Internet? What type of content goes viral, and what lengths do people take to make their video have ‘viral content’?

  • Mentioning White and Black Hat SEO techniques are probably worth adding to the discussion. – Jordan 9 years ago
  • One thing people might do is focus on YouTube, because it's the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet today. Viral videos could be found on eBaum's World, Newgrounds, and albinoblacksheep. It may also serve to make a distinction between viral and popular. Channels/users that regularly get a large amount of hits are hard to go viral since their footprint is always that big. On the same token, people should look at viral users such as Fred/Lucas Cruikshank, people that are one-man teams that took off at the beginning of YouTube. – John 9 years ago

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