"Love Triangles: Why?"

The convoluted strife created by a love triangle has become incredibly commonplace in many narratives (particularly YA ones). Why do we find this so interesting? Is it the unnecessary drama, the concept of hearts going awry? Where does sexuality fit into this, and what do we do with polyamory’s growing acceptance in this context?

  • The love triangle has been around since the beginning of time! They are quick and easy drama. – SportsEntertainmentWriter 9 years ago
  • Love triangles create dramatic intense scenes. Readers are always keen to figure out who picks who. – semelejansen 9 years ago
  • Something interesting is people's focus in fandoms on the male-male relationship of two guys fighting for the heart of one girl. The triangle is warped in this way because in some cases the fans are arguing that the bond between the men in competition with one another, that rivalry, is more emotionally charged and attracting that their individual connections with the one being fought over. – Slaidey 9 years ago

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