Panel Picks: The Most Anticipated Comics for 21 November, 2012

Panels Picks is where I will choose some of the hotly anticipated comic books for the upcoming week.

The Judge is dealing out punishment in a new ongoing series, and it’s time for a new Hawkeye, bro.

Judge Dredd #1

IDW Publishing

Society is in shambles in the 22nd century. In Mega-City One, over 400 million citizens live in fear of the crime that plagues the city. Lawgivers had to adapt in order to survive the rampant crime. The police force now acts as judge, jury, and executioner. These Judges are the only line of defense, preventing chaos from taking over, and Judge Dredd has proven to be the toughest of them all.

My interest in this series is mostly a result of the solid Dredd 3D film that came out this year. Even so, Judge Dredd is an interesting character that I feel deserves another chance in the comic book spotlight. If anyone can achieve this, it’s IDW and Duane Swierczynski. IDW has proven it can create excellent interpretations of existing properties, and Swierczynski’s Godzilla books have been among the best. Even if you only know the Judge from the awful Stallone movie, try to check out this new series.

Rocketeer Cargo of Doom #4

IDW Publishing

Mark Waid’s epic Rocketeer story concludes! Can Cliff put an end to the prehistoric chaos that has been unleashed? Plus, we learn the truth behind Peevy’s niece!

Dinosaurs with jetpacks. There really isn’t much else that needs to be said about this book. Mark Waid has crafted an adventurous and ultra-fun Rocketeer story. If you haven’t read the first three issues, you owe it to yourself to track them down alongside this final one.

Five Weapons #1

Five Weapons
Image Comics

Tyler Shainline just transferred to a new school. But this isn’t your regular academic environment; this is a school for training assassins! Students must choose from one of five weapon types for training. However, Tyler plans on graduating without the use of weapons by using his wits to defeat the school’s weapon master.

This book’s lighthearted demeanor and interesting enough premise has me hooked for at least the first issue. A school of assassins would have been enough for most comic book plots, but Jimmie Robinson ups the ante by making his protagonist a pacifist. Plus the uniforms have a bullseye plastered across the front; how can this not be a school full of fun?

Hawkeye #4

Marvel Comics

Matt Fraction begins his first two-part story where Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to help reclaim some incriminating evidence. If he fails to intercept this evidence, then Hawkeye runs the risk of become the world’s most wanted man.

After three stellar issues focusing on Clint, it appears as if we may finally have an issue about Hawkeye. Clint’s day to day adventures have resulted in some of the best comic stories currently being written; let’s just hope that Fraction can bring that same level of excellence to a story that feels a bit more super.

Indestructible Hulk #1

Marvel Comics

Always on the run, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner’s greatest gift is also his curse. Banner has been consistently pursued by the military because of alter ego—the Hulk. But what happens when the Hulk becomes an agent of the secret organization of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Alongside a book coming out nest week, Indestructible Hulk was the Marvel NOW! book that had me the most excited. Mark Waid, the man behind the consistently amazing Daredevil book is going to write a Hulk book? I’m sold. Hopefully, Waid will be able create Hulk comic with the amount of fun that the character deserves.

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  1. BeccaMurphy

    Thanks for this! You should write a Dredd comics Vs Dredd movies post – I would be all over that article!

  2. GothamRogue

    Hawkeye will experience it’s first true test with David Aja taking a break from art and being replaced by Javier Pulido. Can he make me forget Aja? Probably not. Can Fraction still tell one fantastic tale? Most assuredly.

    • MaxFrederick

      Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I should include Hawkeye because Aja isn’t doing the art. However, Fraction’s stellar writing made me put it back on the list.

  3. Your last two seemed to live up to your hype if your later reviews are to be believed.

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