So Instagrammable: Social Media and the Modern-Day Romance

What is the effect of social media stalking, chatting, and posting on budding modern-day romances? Is there a difference between chatting over text or sending a snap to a potential partner? Examine how anxiety and mistrust flourish under the social media spotlight and how our methods of romantic communication have changed over the years from verbal contact to the sharing of images. Also perhaps consider the kinds of images shared and the effect they have on our psyche.

  • That's an interesting topic to look at, especially the creation of online personae. There are a couple of art projects undertaken on social media which act as a comment and critique on the severly mediatised societies we live in today. Maybe choose some case studies and let the writers analyse their effects in more depth. – Kaya 4 years ago
  • Great topic! Or maybe topics? I think the topic can be narrowed down. – JamesBKelley 4 years ago
  • Interesting topic. Perhaps make it a little more concise. I think the last topic would be a good topic anxiety and how social media has changed romantic communication over the years. – birdienumnum17 4 years ago

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