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Anime History up to the 90s

This is something I think a lot of anime fans who got into it during the late 2000 period want to learn about, but haven’t been able to. I understand the expertise is there, from offhanded comments by older critics, and some analysis of particular aspects of older anime. But I’ve found it hard to learn about in detail.

  • Hello, I believe this is a great topic. I, myself, am very curious as to the history of anime and its startup. How much of Japanese culture will you include in your paper? Since it is about anime history, will the focus be strictly Japanese anime? – arielsilkett 9 years ago
  • I think this topic of yours is really interesting. However, it requires tedious research if you have not seen the 90s anime yourself. In any case, it would be great if you can really do it! so I wish you the best of luck! – lacieroseve 9 years ago
  • If you're going to be doing this topic, you might want to look into some of the genre shakers - Neon Genesis Evangelion for mecha anime, for instance. There's also JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Revolutionary Girl Utena - basically stuff that's sort of obscure-ish. – Helmet 9 years ago
  • This article has a lot of potential, however the Artifice won't publish anything that reads too much like Wikipedia. I'd be concerned this article may come across that way. If the author goes into enough detail with particular series and adds their own voice the topic would be successful. – Jordan 9 years ago