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What is the Aesthetic Value of Physical Literature As Opposed To Digital Literature Such as eBooks?

Am I the only one that prefers a physical book over electronic forms? There is something magical about the smell of a physical book. Seeing yours or other people’s notes in the margins. Having a tangible representation of a story? What is everyone’s opinion about this?

  • You could consider this topic from the point of illuminated texts such as the ones found in Ireland (Book of Kells)... Or even first edition printed copies of books. As someone who likes to collect physical books, I think there is a lot you could write about here. – Lauren Mead 2 weeks ago
  • I would find studies or articles detailing if electronic books are starting to outpace physical books to see if the digital age is starting to see the end of the physical book medium. – BMartin43 2 weeks ago
  • The materiality of a book is not only of value for the individual reader, but also research Topic in many insitutions. It might be interesting to look at the changing materiality of a text and how it is presented. – L.J. 2 weeks ago
  • I finally broke down and got a Kindle for Christmas. I love it, but agree physical books are irreplaceable. There's something beautifully comforting about holding and reading a physical book. – Stephanie M. 2 weeks ago
  • Yes, its as if I remember it more with a physical copy. – melanie614 1 week ago
  • I agree with others that there is something tangible about holding a physical book in your hands. Maybe it's because you're more active: you have to turn the pages, feel the paper. Books have a smell that bring to mind a lifetime of perusing bookstores and libraries. I own a Kindle and I like it- I've ready many books on it. But it'll never fill me with the nostalgia (maybe that's what this is really about!) and satisfaction of a physical book. – Jesse Munoz 4 days ago
  • I do like a physical book, but with my OCD it's hard for me to enjoy having a physical copy because I am so concerned with making sure it does not get dirty or any of the pages get bent. While I prefer reading a physical book, it's easier for me to manage an ebook. – ac7r 3 days ago