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Reading to your Children: A Lifetime of Legacies

Parents, well some of them, read to their children nightly as they were growing up. The inspiration each of those parents had was probably the same: To instill in their children a desire to read but, more important, a desire to succeed in life. Did those parents know, in advance, what they want to read, or do they just develop. what to read along the along the way? Maybe there are no specific books that transcend a parental era or generation, all that matters is anything that holds a child’s imagination. Parents simply want to see their children attentive and that motivates them to look forward to that next night of reading.

  • I think another interesting thing to consider is how does this play out on our digital age? Do parents find new ways to incorporate storytelling (e.g. audio books) or ignore it all together? – Pamela Maria 4 years ago
  • What a great topic suggestion. I've often read to my godson (now 4) and am still pleased that in a digital age, he still enjoys books, in whatever format. He also enjoys it when I make up stories on the fly, including him as one of the characters. Let's hope children will never lose the simple pleasure that a good book can give. – Amyus 4 years ago
  • Hearing of the story of the legends by the parents is a different thing, and reading about the legends or watching fictional movies is another thing! – PiMann 4 years ago