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The Evolution of Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl has been around for nearly 50 years. In recent years, it’s also become a fantastic opportunity for business advertising, as many Super Bowl watchers will be able to view their commercials. Some people even look more forward to the Super Bowl commercial than the games. Over the years, commericals ranging from monkeys wearing office attire in a CareerBuilder commercial in 2006 to a hybrid "Puppy Monkey Baby" promoting Mountain Dew products this year, and more going farther back than the beginning of the new millenium. This might raise a few questions for marketers and those interested in promoting their products. What constitutes a successful Super Bowl commercial? And how has this changed over the years? And why are there monkeys featured in several of them?

  • Please do note that Artifice Writer Ryan Errington published "Super Bowl Commercials and Sponsorship" so the writer for this article can refer to this article as a point of reference or starting point and then expand it while addressing some of the questions introduced by James. – Venus Echos 8 years ago
  • It might be of interest to discuss what makes a successful commercial from the audience's point of view, too. The author of this piece might talk about how/why people look forward to the Super Bowl just because of the commercials. What kind of commercials do they want to see? – Nicole Williams 8 years ago

Superbowl Ads

Present the history of Superbowl Ads and examine the culture that surrounds Super Bowl ads today. What ads in the past have flopped and what ads have thrived? Does having a Super Bowl ad truly affect your business? Why do so many people watch the Super Bowl simply for the ads?

  • you can also compare people who watch the entire super bowl for the game and how they react to the ads, compared to the people who just watch the game for the ads. How they perceive them differently, do people who watch football regularly and are watching the Superbowl like the ads better than people who simply just tune in to watch them specifically. I'm not sure if you can find information about this on the interwebs, but it would be very neat to see how each side views these ads differently if they do at all. – scole 8 years ago
  • I'm not generally interested in sports or commercials for that matter. I can say that in my opinion superbowl adds are successful because they seem to push the boundaries just a little. They seem to be a little more creative and perhaps a little more controversial. This is what keeps them in your mind more than an average commercial. I will also admit that I have actually went out and bought products in support of the genius commercial for it. I'll also admit that I'm probably in the minority there. – Tatijana 8 years ago
  • Maybe Super Bowl ads are so popular because 1) it's guaranteed to have an audience, and 2) because it has higher standards than your average commercial runnings. – AnalystNerd 8 years ago