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Materialist Hell: What is the ending of the Sopranos

One of the most controversial endings in television is the ending of The Sopranos.

A jarring cut to blackness and silence.

Much can be speculated about the life that Tony has leading to a sudden and violent end vs. the contrasting position of a secularized hell. The core premise is, that Tony is in a constant state of death and undeath as he awaits the ending. The unending pain before it ends is as much of a torture as any demon could imagine putting him through.

The writer should probably include a synopsis of the plot of The Sopranos along with other interpretations of the ending.

  • Okay, you're on the right track. But from the topic title and setup, I was expecting something about how and why The Sopranos and other series choose endings like this. Consider using Tony Soprano as a character who was "left in the lurch" because of this sort of ending, as well as the positive and negative results of such. (E.g., fans get to speculate about what really happened, but then again, they'll never know, so cue the Internet trolls, the arguing, the potential for awful remakes...) Add a couple more example characters. I think you could have a really deep article here. – Stephanie M. 9 months ago

Analysing the relationship between Tony Soprano and the Canadian Ducks

The beginning of The Sopranos began with a session with a psychologist and a pool full of ducks. Tony projected many of the inner conflictions he felt about his family onto the ducks and they served as an important reminder of the work-family juxtapositions of the Mafia boss’ life.

Discuss and analyse the representative relationship between Tony and the ducks in relation to family, work, and his lucid dream-states when talking to Dr. Melfi.