The Implications of Carrie Fisher's Death in the Star Wars Franchise

After the passing of its iconic and lovable star Carrie Fisher, the makers of Star Wars have reached a standstill about how to respectfully write out her character of Princess Leia. Consider the ethical, technological, and creative methods by which Fisher’s memory can be served in a series built on a foundation of visual breakthroughs in film.

  • This will be huge for Episode 9, as Carrie Fisher supposedly finished her scenes for Episode 8. This article will be relevant for a few years! – SeanGadus 1 year ago
  • You might also look to The Fast and Furious franchise and how they responded to Paul Walker's death. They ended up using his brother as a CGI stand-in to finish some sections of the film he never was able to finish. – Nate OcĂ©an 1 year ago

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