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    Blurred Lines: The Surge in Branded Content and Advertainment

    Examine the incorporation of branded marketing in the history of film and TV, and how the normalization of sponsored content has allowed for successful films like The Lego Movie to branded documentary series like Margot vs. Lily by NikeWomen. Is it changing the world of advertising or is it changing the world of entertainment?


      Testing the Narrative: Virtual Reality as Supplementary Content

      Examine how shows like Stranger Things and Mr. Robot incorporate virtual reality content as supplements to their series. Will we see more of it? When will virtual reality stand on its own? Looking at how VR has exploded in recent years (Facebook buys Oculus for 2.3 billion) and how VR’s growth in the video game sector is creating a wider base of VR headset owners, which could benefit TV shows adopting VR content.

      • It would be wise to cite examples of how VR has expanded not just for television content but for video games as well. – BMartin43 7 years ago

      But Where's The Love Interest? Finding the Stories That Defy Traditions

      Analyzing the films that go against the common belief in Hollywood that every great story with a female lead must contain a love story. Meaning, there’s a clear love interest for her character. Looking at films that follow and defy this tradition, and at what cost. From the top grossing film of the year that follows (Rogue One) to indie favorites that don’t (Lost in Translation), what is gained and what is lost by following this trope? And why can male leads go against this tradition? Would Master and Commander be a bigger hit if he had a damsel to rescue? Or could the Matrix survive without Neo’s love for Trinity? Compare the loveless 2001: A Space Odyssey vs. the love-driven Interstellar. Both are successful films with male leads. Why aren’t there more non-romantic films lead by women? Take a look at the film Housekeeping, which stands out from the pack.

      • That is a great question. However, if you look hard enough you will find many more films being released today that do not follow this pattern. The Underworld series contain a female hero who is seen battling alongside the men and in most cases actually does more damage than they do. She is portrayed as the leader of her people and her main focus is to keep her species alive above everything else. Of, course there is a love story but he is on the opposite side of the war and she will not let her love for him cloud her decision to kill the rest of his people. – AnthonyWright 7 years ago
      • You're right, in that example the love interest is not quite as pronounced as many other films. Thanks for the note! – Nate Océan 7 years ago

      Docu-Reality: The Re-Packaging of Reality TV as Docu-series

      Keeping Up With The Kardashians is reality TV. I Am Cait is a docu-series. What’s the difference, and what’s the reason for the change? Across the board, documentary series have exploded (Making a Murderer, Chef’s Table, OJ: Made in America, The Jinx). Is reality TV trying to repackage their reality TV content to catch the wave?


        The Rise of the Premium Web Series

        Analyzing the paradigm shift created by the new studios (Netflix, Amazon, HBO) and how they’ve given courage to a new breed of content creators (YouTube Red, AwesomenessTV, Vimeo Originals). What is the result? The emergence of Netflix-worthy shows on a whole new array of platforms, and a race for other media companies to become "content creators."

        • Nate, I think this would be an awesome piece for someone to research and write up an article. It is definitely relevant and becomes more and more relevant each day. I, personally, have never took a look at AwesomenessTV and other similar platforms, but I am very impressed with the contents Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. produce. Rob – rdannunzio 7 years ago

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        What a cool article–great attention to detail!

        The Literature of Mad Men

        That one-man Star Wars is incredible. I thought it’d get boring but it really didn’t. Insane memory and ability to capture the voices. Good stuff!

        5 Must-see Plays if You Love Film

        “Relics of a past era” lol. I agree! I’m definitely not going to sit around and watch a countdown of the “Top 20 Videos this Week.”

        Top Five Music Videos of 2014 (so far)
        Top Five Music Videos of 2014 (so far)
        Top Five Music Videos of 2014 (so far)

        Strange how there hasn’t been another video like Gangam Style that blows up and becomes the most-watched Youtube video. Music Videos certainly have to innovate, as you said, in order to catch people’s attention these days.

        Top Five Music Videos of 2014 (so far)

        What a tragic last scene though! I feel like so many people watch it and think it’s a completely happy ending, even though there’s such a strong sense of “Wait, what did we just do?”
        Good stuff!

        Why 'The Graduate' Still Resonates Today

        I think it’s really powerful how you note that “The greatest characters are not simply created, but refurbished again and again until its right.” It says something about the universal appeal of a figure like Batman, and how we are in an age where people worship (via the box office) superheroes. Back in Roman times, people worshiped the gods and demi-gods in a similar way. Similar figures are universally appealing across all of time. Good article.

        The Ancestry of Batman