The Psychological Impact of Othering and Marginalizing the Social Minorities in the Modern Fiction

Analyze the psychological and traumatic effect that marginalizing can have on the minority groups portrayed in the modern fiction. As it happens, othering and subordinating certain groups of people can traumatize them on a daily, which may give rise to a specific behavior and neurosis in such social others.

  • I think specifying what type of psychology should be applied to this would be a helpful start for whoever wishes to write this. As a psychology major, I would suggest writing through the lens of social psychology. – darbyallen 1 year ago
  • Maybe look into disability studies as there are a lot of great pieces about disability representation in literature. – ProfRichards 1 year ago
  • As a linguist, I can see this topic being analyzed from a discourse analysis perspective particularly in regard to the narrative. Such analysis can properly justify the dehumanizing language of some social groups that exists in modern fiction. – Malak Cherif 1 year ago

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