The Rarity of Female Celibacy in Television and Film

There has been an enduring presence of celibate male heroes in our media. Although these heroes are admittedly scarce, female protagonists that aren’t romantically or sexually inclined, are even less common. Discuss the reasons for this absence. Give examples of TV shows and films that feature a female protagonist who has no love interest.

  • MKLee did you have suggestions for specific films or TV shows that you would like to see considered? – derBruderspielt 6 years ago
  • I was thinking of films like Brave, Frozen, Moana, Naucissa Valley of the Wind, Lara Croft, etc. As for Tv shows, maybe Game of Thrones, with a focus on Arya and arguably Sansa and Margery. Perhaps some anime like Fairy Tail and Mahou Shoujo Madoka. – MKLee 6 years ago

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