The representation of women as the hero in YA novels

Analyse how female protagonists are represented as the hero in YA novels. It could be interesting to include an examination of the extent by which these female protagonists rely on the male characters and how they differ from male protagonists depicted as the hero in other novels.
An interesting take on this topic could also include how these female characters reflect the women of today.

  • Great topic. I'd be interested in reading essays on this topic, There are so many YA stories, of course, that it wouldn't be fair to pick just two -- one with a female protagonist, the other with a male protagonist -- and make overly general claims based on just that one examination. – JamesBKelley 4 years ago
  • Great topic! I think JamesBKelley makes a great point, since there are *many* great YA female protagonists, and the YA genre is so large now. Maybe adding an additional specification would help focus the comparison -- perhaps comparing female protagonists in the top ten bestselling YA novels in your country, or comparing an older series with a newer one. – Eden 4 years ago
  • Yeah, it could also be a chance to compare good and bad YA female leads. (Bella, anyone?) – OkaNaimo0819 4 years ago

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