5 Reasons to Watch Season 7 of Dexter

When Dexter began in 2006 there was no doubt that it was one of a kind but while still being on air, is its innovative approach towards the leading character as appealing as it was in the beginning? After a less successful season 6, as it has been discussed among many fans, season 7 seems to be bringing back the good old Dexter with new problems, promising love interest and of course, some fresh blood.

5. The Cliffhanger

For those who stood by Dexter in season 6, the long period of waiting for season 7 was probably more thrilling than the actual season altogether. The cliffhanger created a situation for the lead character nobody expected, it was a shocking end to a mediocre season and a brilliant start to a much better season that is still gaining potential. Debra finding out her step-brother’s dark side might have meant the end for Dexter but it actually gave the show a fresh start and a well-deserved beginning for an interesting story line.

Extra: Dexter’s absence from killing after Debra forces him to be good, creates some of the best scenes Dexter has had in a long time.

4. LaGuerta’s Hunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher


Though LaGuerta’s character has not been around much, unless it is to stir up some problems, she seems to be becoming more relevant in season 7 by getting closer to the truth. Finding a glass slide on the crime scene she is certain that the Bay Harbor Butcher, aka Dexter, is still at large. Debra, who is still attached to her step-brother, is also involved making this situation intriguing and a bit dangerous. How this will all play out might have a crucial role on the whole season in the very end.

Extra: The suspense of Dexter almost being caught might become as exciting as it was when Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims were found.

3. Isaak Sirko


Give us a man that kills without hesitation while being unstoppable and there is no doubt that his story line will be enjoyed. Isaak Sirko is definitely one of those men who is scary and definitely a great match for Dexter after their paths cross. The two seem to be on the same level in terms of skills but how Dexter will get rid of him will certainly be worth the wait. The British actor, Ray Stevenson, is obviously doing a great job as well, since his character exceeds the last season’s arch enemy (played by Colin Hanks) by a mile.

Extra: There is a specific scene in a bar that gives a new meaning to skillful.

2. Jennifer Carpenter


Why this woman does not get more credit is a mystery because her portrayal of Debra Morgan is becoming better and better each season. Faced with shocking information in season 7, Carpenter as Debra has been bringing her performance to a brand new level. For Debra, who is offering amazing scenes in the beginning of the season, it is not just about knowing the awful truth but being able to cope with it while LaGuerta is after her step-brother who she, according to season 6, loves more than just a brother she grew up with.

Extra: A little bit, or in the case of Debra Morgan, a lot of swearing does not hurt anyone.

1. Hannah McKay


For those who were fans of Chuck, seeing Yvonne Strahovski back on the screen must be great news but for Dexter it means a brand new source for a great love story. But Hannah McKay is not just a pretty face, nor a mere love interest for our friendly neighborhood serial killer; she herself has a messy past being the ex-girlfriend of a serial killer. And while Dexter will probably find love with yet another blond woman, this situation is most likely turning into a mess with all those unfinished plots and feelings still up in the air.

Extra: It does not hurt to see this woman naked either, right?

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  1. AnnaLar

    Not my fav season but a waste improvement of last season if I may say so. The LaGuerta plot seems to drag out a little bit, do we really need to wait until the last episode? We know already that she will find out it is Dex.

    • Mike G

      Laguerta is such an infuriating character! I wish she was gone a long time ago because so much story gets wasted on her character. No one cares!

    • Getter Trumsi

      Well it is very common in all of the shows to drag some story lines along for the whole season.. maybe the 8th season’s cliffhanger will be LaGuerta finding out..

  2. Jordan

    LOL I love the extra note on #1… pretty girls always helps when all else fails 😛
    I have not seen much of Dexter myself – are all the seasons high quality (except for 6 apparently) ?

  3. BeccaMurphy

    I need to catch up with Dexter. I stopped watching after the Trinity Killer.

  4. this season has been great so far imo. The LaGuerta plot going at a snail’s pace doesn’t really bother me. It will all unfold like it should. I can’t wait.

    • Getter Trumsi

      I kind of like how it is taking slow, I don’t mind because it feels normal to me. She doesn’t strike me as a person who will get it quickly anyway so.. all good in my book.

  5. Great post! I really need to check out this season.

  6. Laura Marie Scott

    I’m finding this series a bit tedious, Debra’s character is probably the only reason why I’ve stuck with the show for so long! Though does anybody else really dislike the Debra/Dexter relationship storyline as much as I do?

  7. “For those who stood by Dexter in season 6, the long period of waiting for season 7 was probably more thrilling than the actual season altogether.”

    That very much was like the wait of “Who shot JR?” in Dallas.

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