A Comparison of the Star Wars Expanded Universes

Take a survey of how both expansions – Legends and the Disney canon – differ in scope, focus, style, and tone. This may be better explored after the release of episode IX and the coming books/comics surrounding it. Possible questions: How do both expansions implement and/or break away from the source films? How do their stories differ? What have been the reactions from fans over the years to both expansions?

  • Love this topic. I think about this a lot. Scope of article could be problematic, I suggest that you focus on several comparable texts/eras. – Sean Gadus 5 years ago
  • I would explore certain eras from both old and new canon material to help differentiate specific traits between the two continuities. – BMartin43 5 years ago
  • This is a great idea, but both canons are so massive so it would be great if you could pinpoint specific topics and stories to compare in similar timelines in order for this article to more concise – cbo1094 5 years ago

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