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    Book Influencers and Their Impact on the Publishing Industry

    The concept of social media having an impact on various marketing strategies is nothing new. However, one industry that has been increasingly affected by social media is the publishing industry due to "Booktube" and "Booktok". In recent years, there has been a rise in how these influencers are starting to shape the books that people are reading. There are now tables displaying the latest trending titles in local and big box bookstores, regardless of when they were published. There are stories of writers who gained enough of a following to self-publish their highly anticipated and praised books. How does this impact the publishing industry? What does the future of the publishing company look like? How will authors be influenced by their audience as the distance between writer and reader shrinks with the aid of social media?

    • Interesting topic, but there was an article published about this exact topic about 2 weeks ago on this site. – CulturallyOpinionated 2 years ago
    • The impact of "Booktube" and "BookTok" will be revolutionary in the new procedures and willingness to work with new writers in different genres rather than a specific one. The publishing industry's future will be influenced by the readers' choices, popular genres, and tropes that are gaining the most traction. The future of publishing companies depends on what they are willing to accept without backlash from the intended audience or cult favorites. The question of how authors will be influenced also depends on the independent person and what they value. Do they value feedback from their audience? Do they want to see what their next book should be about? – byrdsy 2 years ago

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    Thank you for this article! The behind the scenes videos of stop motion films show how complex and tedious their creation can be. It is evident in these films just how much time has been dedicated to making them.

    Understanding the Art of Stop Motion

    Thank you for this article! Nostalgia definitely plays a key factor in the negative reaction towards the remakes. As technology evolves, so does people’s expectations of film techniques. The hand-drawn Disney films were created in a time when they were thought of an innovative in comparison to the expectations people have with the current technology. It is interesting to see how their approach to animation and wanting to adapt to other forms of technology such as CGI differs from the hand-drawn techniques of Studio Ghibli. I find their contrasting approaches to maintaining their audience while still gaining new audiences quite intriguing.

    Live-Action Disney Remakes and the Souring Faith in Animation

    Thank you for this article! Adaptations of films are definitely subjective. A key part of this is most likely due to the high expectations for the adaptation of a book someone may have. I recently spoke to someone who read the book of a movie she had seen and her perception of the film once she rewatched it had changed. She enjoyed the film originally as she had obviously not known about the parts that were cut out of the film. Her opinions regarding the film had changed to disappointment once she realized what the film excluded. I found this to be interesting as it proves that the perception someone has prior to watching an adaptation does have a strong influence on their experience of the film. Due to budgeting reasons and time constraints, it is impossible, or pretty much impossible, to create a film that is completely true to the film. I remember there being controversy when production companies decided to split the final books of popular books such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games into two movies. Some thought that it was only done to create more revenue and others argued that it was the only way for the films to stay as true as they can to the books. It is difficult to compare film adaptations to books when they are two forms of media.

    The Art of Adaptation: From Book to Film