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    How Kickstarter Campaigns are Revolutionizing 5th Edition D&D Campaigns

    Wizards of the Coast have not been pumping out officially licensed 5e campaign content fast enough to satiate hungry tabletop gamers. D&D fans have been flexing their creative muscles and have been Kickstarting their own micro campaigns and one-off encounters on the cheap. Not only are these campaigns meeting goals, they are being rapidly released in digital formats – and they’ve come with WotC’s unofficial blessing (well, as long as no copyright is infringed upon).

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      I think it is interesting to consider the shift from the B&W Clerks to the full color Clerks 2. There is a massive shift in tone from color alone, although the two films were made with a big time gap between.

      The first time I saw John Woo’s Face/Off, our DVD player was a little busted and only played the movie in black and white. After later seeing it in color, I really feel like I saw two entirely different films – the tone, the feel, and aesthetic were drastically changed. I’m not sure which I preferred, but the B&W version definitely felt more genuine and older. Odd connotations for such an absurd film.

      The Vintage Aesthetic: The Function of Contemporary Black & White Cinema

      I agree with this wholeheartedly; age and maturity rarely seem to match up. Unfortunately, ERSB and PEGI ratings are restricted to very small blocks of text on boxes and occupy a small amount of visual real estate compared to box art. They only have the ability to make a broad judgement with a few key reasons, and hope that the consumer will be responsible enough to research the product and the ratings for themselves. This is an unfortunate double edged sword: I’d love a more detailed rating, explaining maturity content – but I also would hate for the rating to overwhelm the remaining real estate of the product.

      Video Game Content Ratings: Does Anyone Care Anymore?

      My only real criticism of Arrow is Oliver’s acting direction. Stephen Amell always seems like he has a much greater acting range that is always forced downward and tamed into the Arrow persona. Whenever I watch Arrow, I can’t help but feel that there could be so much more character depth if her was allowed to cut loose a little.

      5 Reasons Why 'Arrow' is the Best Superhero Show Ever