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    Teasers for more Teasers for Trailers

    An exploration of the prominence of teasers in modern entertainment. Many movies, including Star Wars franchise and The Avengers franchise release teasers for trailers. A more recent and relevant example is Persona 5: The Royal. There was a teaser in December that hinted at something in March. The March announcement ended up being another teaser for something on April 24, still unclear whether this will be an announcement or a trailer or another teaser.

    Knowing this, it’s worth investigating what these teasers accomplish. They definitely generate attention and "hype," but is there a sweet spot? When is it too much? How is this discussion on teasers affected when Apex Legends is considered? Apex Legends released with no general public knowledge and was very well received. No teasers, no trailers, no prior announcement the game was even in development.

    • I like your writing, but I think teasers for trailers is a way to get the audience ready for the real deal. It builds up anticipation and is a marketing tatic used to get people to see these movies – tcokinis 5 years ago
    • I think that the teaser trailer has grown with the internet. It gives the film an additional video for twitter and other social media. It builds an extended hype cycle that big budget movies want to maintain up till their release. Allows studios to market movies months and years in advance. – Sean Gadus 5 years ago
    • Teasers for motion posters, character reveals, song teasers, trailers. In the South Indian movie industry, pre release marketing hype right from creating special tribute images to organising special screenings is turning out to be a separate revenue generating industry in itself. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago

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    Hands down I think the big issue with tutorials is impacting replay value. For example, Fallout 3’s opening is amazing. But doing a replay of the opening feels less satisfying because I just want to create my character and move on. Being able skip tutorials feels like a great compromise. However, in situations like Fallout 3, it’s a bit more difficult to decide since the tutorial is weaved into the game’s narrative.

    Video Games And—Wait, Another Darn Tutorial?

    Another element that could be touched is in-game “rewards” for morality. I know in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it didn’t pay to be in the middle of morality. It was better to be very good or very evil. This would allow you to unlock perks that couldn’t be unlocked if you were in the middle of morality. It sucks because then the game forces the player to essentially pick a side rather than play it how they might emotionally want to , sometimes good and sometimes bad.

    It’s why I praise Witcher 3 for putting so many moral dilemmas that don’t really impact the game other than the ending. I recall a moment when Geralt finds a massacred village and it’s because of another witcher. At this point, the player decides whether to kill him or let him be. If you let him live, Geralt recalls his past failures as a witcher and how he also has gone on a rampage so Geralt understands and forgives the witcher. I thought it was wonderfully written and puts an interesting dynamic on morality.

    Video Games and Morality: The Question of Choice

    I think an interesting point that you mention is the identity aspect of social media. Whenever someone posts something, they post in a manner they want to present themselves, whether that be as a care-free individual or a motivating person or a comical person. I think that falls under “Media Psychology” and it makes me wonder if then media is affecting how we present ourselves outside of it too. I think the biggest examples are SnapChat (which I’m surprised wasn’t mentioned) and Instagram. People go to many lengths to present themselves in a certain manner.

    The Power of Social Media; Does It Enhance or Swallow Up Relationships?