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    Business and profession in Nolan's Inception (2010)

    Extractor. Architect. Forger. Chemist. Christopher Nolan’s transposition of recognisable careers into his film demonstrates how successful world-building can be founded upon the subversion of respectable professions into elements of a criminal network. While casual viewers may not realise these terms are associated with each character in the film, the components that make each one recognisable or relatable are integral to the overall plot. Does each ‘profession’ occupied by these characters show a darker side of these common, everyday jobs?

    • Wonderful topic! It would be great to have an additional insight into what was essentially a path-breaking complex film. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago

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    It’s difficult to reconcile the success of ‘Frozen’ with the numerous missed opportunities you outlined in this discussion of adapting ‘The Snow Queen’. I think it’s unfortunate that the film owes it’s popularity to excessive marketing and an almost solely profit-driven goal.

    Disney and the Perils of Adaptation

    The ambiguity of the Joker is another factor that makes his character so important with the DC universe(s). Especially with the reliance on alternate timelines and dimension crossing. The mystery surrounding the Joker forces audiences to consider whether he was once a character known to Batman; perhaps even one of the Robins. It adds a dimension of questioning to whether the morals, values, and development of the Batman character has had a positive or negative impact: or if these two are the unavoidable constants by which the DC universe defines it’s heroes and villains.

    Why The Joker Is The Best Villain We Have Ever Seen

    I think that Marvel Studios’ domination of the ‘Superhero Genre’ over the past 10 years seems to have created the precedent for grouping these films in a singular genre. The new wave of R-rated superhero films seems to be the beginning of a more segregated view of these films, and it will certainly be interesting to see whether future projects re-structure the conventions of the genre, or further integrate each film into its own seperate genre as you have displayed above.

    Super Heroes films as Genre Films