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    The Significance of the Power of Flight in Comics

    Since humanity’s earliest days the ability to fly has long been one of the most innate yearnings of our species. This is reflected heavily in our fictional works, perhaps most noticeably in superhero comic books and films. However, not all heroes can fly (Besides the story’s internal reasoning for their powers) what does this indicate about heroes who do have this ability and why? What does it say about those that don’t? Comparison of multiple works may yield the most interesting results.

    • I think this is an interesting topic to look at in film/television/comics. There are so many times where Flight is a critical moment of growth or triumph for characters. – Sean Gadus 5 years ago
    • It would be interesting to look back at historical myth and legend as well to see where these ideas stem from, imagery in popular culture and how this reflects upon our own image of aspiration and success. Icarus' father crafting the fateful wings, angels ascending to heaven, transhumanist imagery in the likes of Deus Ex Human Revolution etc. – CAntonyBaker 5 years ago

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    I also always felt that it was in the genre of science fiction and often time travel specifically where writers really began to play with non-linear storytelling, which has of course now spread across all genres

    Time Travel: The Literary Way To Wander

    This article is absolutely fantastic. I really love deep dives into poetry especially when it focuses in on a particular body of work as this one does. You approach the subject matter both with a very strong knowledge base and the love for the poetry which is also crucial. Really enjoyed reading this!

    The Relationship between Travel and Creative Writing

    This is a really cool article, I hadn’t previously considered the idea of how the retroactive discovery of inaccuracies could spoil somebody’s experience of the film. I also really liked your point about the more slight film inaccuracies (for the sake of pacing and dramatic effect) being a sort of new form of mythology.

    How Important is Historical Accuracy in Films?