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Gravity Falls: Bringing the Mystery to Life

Look at the stories of Gravity Falls and the hidden messages among the episodes. Explore how it ultimately led to a giant real-life scavenger hunt which strengthened fan’s appreciation of the show. Research if any other shows have done this, where they bring aspects of the tv show into real life for fans to enjoy, and how that contributes to the strength of the fan base and its longevity.

Ultimately, the pros and cons of bringing aspects of a show into real-life.

  • Fringe had codes set within each episode, and I'm sure other mystery and sci fi shows had similar things, if that helps. – IndiLeigh 7 years ago

Self-promotion and Sponsorship on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular streaming platforms on the internet. Its biggest stars have several million people who tune in each week to their videos. Many of its stars have the opportunity to use their fame to create other products. Beauty gurus create cosmetic lines, many write books, create gear with their taglines, and over all have many products that they have been able to create thanks to their internet celebrity. With the following they have amassed, it would be foolish not to use their Youtube platform to promote their products. So then why do so many of their viewers become annoyed or upset when these channels take time to promote their products during their videos? The same issue arises when channels are sponsored by companies like Audible, Loot Box, and Crunchyroll.

  • This topic is really great and very relatable for todays social media. I personally belive if that you have such a large platform of people to advertise, or promote something its a great opportunity, but on the opposing side people might feel they are doing this advertising for their own benefit. – jaimen 7 years ago

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The score of a movie can make or break it. Great article!

The Importance of Scoring in Films

I never really viewed princesses other than Pocahontas or Mulan as being feminist but as I developed began to understand that feminism has many faces, I began to look at some of the classic tales a little differently. This article does a great job of analyzing these aspects I would have missed as a child and teen.

Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think

Reading this I’m reminded of American Horror Story. Some people can’t understand it’s title as “Horror” but I try to explain it has both supernatural and everyday horrors. Sometimes real life horrors are far more effective than a bloody slasher.

New Horror: An Evolving Genre

I feel like video games have become as much of an art as animation and comics. Its developing through the years and its reflection of current interests is certainly something we should study, especially in context of society.

Are Video Games Worth Studying? (A Literary Perspective)

Personally, I love a show that makes me empathize with the villain. I will certainly be catching up with Legend of Korra.

The Legend of Korra: Empathizing with Villains

This show is definitely one of my favorites, but definitely conjures up my own life crises. It certainly challenges what we are accustomed to seeing as “cartoons”.

Bojack Horseman: Balancing Humor and Dark Themes

A wonderful role model for young girls and women everywhere. Learning more about her, I appreciate her character as Leia even more.

The Legacy of Princess Carrie

Video games are certainly art in their own respect. Whether it be the beautiful realism of Uncharted 4, the 2-d retro look of axiom verge, or the high-contrast of Inside. Very well thought out analysis.

Graphics, Pixels, and the Art of Video Games