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    CGI vs Props/Cosmetics/Real Locations

    Discuss the history of CGI, it’s greatest accomplishments, as well as comparing this method of filmmaking to more realistic props that were used in the older age, as well as today (Nolan films being a huge point of reference). As well as cosmetics (LOTR v The Hobbit Trilogy) and shooting on location or on set (The Revenant) and how each of these mediums have their ups and downs, and which one produces the better film for select genres. For example, could we even produce an Avengers film solely using real props and make-up? Or are big blockbuster films like that doomed to be plagued by CGI?

    • A good topic and there are some really interesting discussions undergone throughout the development of CGI and the pros and cons from different directors. – SaraiMW 6 years ago
    • One cannot mention CGI without Jurassic Park and how it can be used in conjunction with animatronics. – platinummad 6 years ago
    • I believe a good path for this topic would be to focus on a certain genre, such as action or horror, etc. And compare the effect of CGI vs traditional stunts or props/make up. I think a narrower focus would allow for a more in-depth analysis – Sery801 6 years ago
    • I think when a film uses real props, it adds more of an imaginative feel to a movie. For example, a lot of 80s movies like the Goonies, The Lost Boys and so on, have a different kind of feel to them because of the hand made touches. I think it makes things feel more realistic even though that is the whole purpose of CGI. It also makes viewers feel that a lot of personal time and effort went into the movie. Not that CGI doesn't take an extreme amount of time an effort, I just mean that it adds more of a personalized effort. It seems as time goes on the industry, it is relying on CGI more and more. Realistically, I think CGI is going to be the way the industry goes whether we like it or not. – Melissa 6 years ago
    • CGI is an inevitable and unavoidable part of the big budget film making experience, especially in sci fi and fantasy films. I think what is more important is how filmmakers are using CGI in ways that doesn't detract from the film. George Lucas, one of the founding father of digital cinema (Look up the Star Wars prequels and you will see how many technique ILM helped pioneer for better or worse), talked about how CGI should is used to tell a story and how it really isn't different from practical effects, because they have the same goal: to help tell your story. – Sean Gadus 6 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Very interesting about the film v digital changing the “warmth” on the screen. I never thought the reason the era of films Sandler has made felt so difference was because of the medium they were shot on, but now I see very much how that could affect it. The complexity of his career is so interesting, and was on such a good path in the early-mid 00’s (Punch-Drunk Love, Rain Over Me) even Click, as you said, had touches of complex and real characters that really brought out the talent Sandler has as an actor. The Meyerowitz film shows a similiar Sandler. Another great example is Judd Apatow’s best film, in my opinion, Funny People. It seems Sandler may be portraying his own self in this film, and that’s why I love it.

    Cinema Cynicism: The Ballad of Adam Sandler

    Great article documenting the history of Netlflix and it’s revolutionary and historic run. Interesting how you didn’t focus a common complaint about “over-saturation” as Netflix released hundreds of original content each year. I have listened to this complaint over and over again, and would add it to this article, only to defend the amount of content because it gives many more filmmakers the chance for their work to see light. Hollywood is such an enclosed circle, today, we see indie studios and streaming studios (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) putting out and giving chances to young and upcoming filmmakers, as well as projects that just didn’t fit the status quo of Hollywood releases. This is why I think that the site is important, it’s giving creative control and a platform to artists who may not of had a chance otherwise.

    Netflix and Impact

    This show is awesome, what’s even better is the oddity that we are all so intrigued in watching these awful people continue to destroy each others lives. I got to write a fun paper for class on this same subject, but focused a little more on the psychological disorders that these characters have individually, and how they affect the gang all-together. Such an interesting and intelligently written show, and a great article!

    "It's Always Sunny" and Why We Laugh at Bad People