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    Video Games Reflecting the Horrors of War

    In the early 1990s, Yasumi Matsuno directed a game titled Tactics Ogre; a dark, high-fantasy strategy RPG whose deep and complex plot was inspired by the events of the Yugoslavian Wars at the time. The game forces the player to make significant choices during the course of his campaign, some leading to horrific war crimes and political manipulation. However, can video games truly reflect the scarring and atrocities of war like literature and cinema can?

    • Well, one has to look at war as a condition rather than the background for this analysis to be spot on. I recommend looking at Specs Ops: The Line if the writer wants an Apocalypse Now in the Gulf. That being said I think we should avoid discussing political manoeuvring, since all of war is indeed deceit to paraphrase Sun Tzu. – RedFlame2000 6 years ago

    Golden Kamuy and Ainu Represensation

    In the manga, Golden Kamuy, the Ainu people and their culture is a major theme throughout the series. The way they eat, hunt, dress, and go about their lives are explored and raise awareness of this group of people. Should we, as readers, show more support towards authors and artists such as these to spread awareness and attention towards ignored cultures? Is this one of the first in a long trend of authors providing a spotlight towards more obscure cultures?

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      Latest Comments

      The article was quite well done, but I do wish you had gone over other games rather than Bioware and such for great narrative. Something like Mother 3 or Tactics Ogre with its more linear storytelling would’ve been nice to see. There’s a clear end to them, but that doesn’t make them any less well-written narratives in video games.

      Emotionally Investing in Games and Their Characters

      The issue with a lot of game journalism is that it wasn’t really journalism. Very few times did these sites feature articles interviewing developers or voice actors.

      One egregious example I remember was an article about the newest Rockband game becoming the writer feeling sick of the part he was in rather than how the game actually played.

      What Gawker's Bankruptcy Means for Gaming Criticism

      The article was very lovely, but it could’ve used less summarizing of the books and more focus on how each antagonist affects Harry and the setting. The part about Umbridge’s presence creating a hostile environment of cynicism could’ve been a bit stronger and brushed up more. The section about the Triwizard Tournament being an antagonist could’ve used more work as well.

      However, overall it was quite well done and clearly showed lots of effort put into it. Good job!

      Harry Potter: The Importance of Antagonists