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    Female Streamers in the Gaming Industry

    Sexism in the gaming industry is a huge topic that not many people acknowledge. Most people think that female streamers make it big because of their looks, and not actually their skill in the game. I think it’s important to realize that there is a variety of different streamers on platforms like Twitch, and each individual has their own charm. Some could be more entertaining than others, and some could have more in-game knowledge. But I don’t think it’s fair to disregard respect for big female streamers or content creators in this industry.

    • Great and timely topic. I would also hone in on the idea of "fake gamer girls" and the use of the word "thots" to describe women on Twitch who are framed as only using their attractiveness to get attention and revenue, and therefore they are accused of not being "real" fans. Here is a recent article I read on the topic: – Emily Deibler 5 years ago
    • Until I read your topic suggestion, I had no idea what a 'female streamer' was. Not being a gamer, this is a new world to me. So, I entered the term 'female streamers' into my search engine and the second highest result was titled 'The Hottest Female Streamers on Twitch.' It's from a website titled The Gamer. Here's the first line from the article: 'Not all Twitch streamers are created [e]qual: some are also insanely hot.' I think that proves your opening point very well. – Amyus 5 years ago
    • Would definitely encourage at least a mention of Gamer Gate and the associated fallout. Women in any male-dominated industry experience a certain kind of social pushback, and using concrete examples will help illustrate the point. I would be very excited to read this! – Eden 5 years ago
    • Very excited to read an article that explores this. – lilliankasulis 5 years ago
    • I think it's fair to say that sexism against women in the gaming industries and fandoms are persistent issues, but I feel like the criticisms levelled at women streamers have little to do with "skill at the game." Indeed, the question is whether "skill at the game," has any bearing on the streamer's popularity to begin with. This makes sense for competitive gamers or speedrunners, but in the instance of the large market share of streamers who do "Let's play," style streams and so on and so forth, ultimately their skill level is irrelevant. PewDiePie is perhaps the most successful streamer on the planet, and their "Let's Play" of the Amnesia series that initially elevated them to prominence showed very little skill at all, and a lot of the streamer screaming and swearing in a comedic fashion to emphasise the horror of the game as well as provide a source of comedy. Therefore, the criticisms levelled at women streamers on such grounds can be assumed to be disingenuous. In the instances of streamers who for instance, emphasise cosplay, their aesthetic can indeed be part of their success but this does not make their success any less valid. – benjamindmuir 5 years ago

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    Violet Evergarden ended up being one of my favorite animes. It’s crazy how you can end up feeling so much for the main character, who basically had little to no emotion while she served as a weapon during the war. The best part of the entire story is her drive to want to understand love. She works hard to understand words and the underlying connotations behind certain actions. It becomes a long process, but it is entertaining to see a once emotionless girl start to form meaningful connections with all sorts of people.

    Violet Evergarden: Learning Empathy and The Lost Art of Letters

    I’ve been watching Twitch for years, but I remember thinking how bizarre it was when my friends first told me about it. To me, watching Twitch streams is a combination of enjoying professional players play the game well, and being entertained by their own playful personality as they interact with viewers.

    It’s crazy how Twitch has expanded into not just a streaming platform for video games, but also for music, art, and “Just Chatting” with viewers who want to tune in. Because of this, the platform has reached a wide range of content creators and consumers alike.

    Twitch: Gamers Selling Games

    I love this.

    I used to just watch the mainstream anime on Cartoon Network as a kid which were obviously English dubbed, and was never bothered by the “authenticity” of the story. However, I do find that the controversy between English dub and English sub is very relevant with certain animes.

    Certain tropes within anime like the cute girl or the young determined boy I feel cannot really be accurately portrayed with English voice actors. Maybe this is because voice actors in Japan go through a more rigorous training process, and are highly skilled in altering their voice so that it fits a specific role.

    The Anime Dub Controversy