Daniel C. Hein

Daniel C. Hein

Analytical writer who gets way too excited about art he's passionate about. Also makes video game analysis and retrospectives on YouTube.

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Depicting Emotions Through Animation

Animation allows storytellers to directly depict topics and subjects beyond the physical and the real, unlike live-action which is restricted to implying non-physical ideas (such as emotions and mental state) through physical mediums. Actors, for example, must use their facial and body language to indicate the emotions of their character. Animators, however, can get more creative in how they visually depict emotions.

How do animators show emotions through animation-specific methods, and how do those visual representations benefit the story? What do these techniques add to the piece?

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Daniel C. Hein

Disney definitely tried to appeal to a young adult audience with these movies, and the science fiction/steampunk combination and heavy use of CGI reflect this. Obviously it failed commercially at the time, but judging from the cult following that Atlantis and Treasure Planet received afterwards, there is an undeniable appeal for some people.

Disney's Failed Science-Fiction Era
Daniel C. Hein

Having just recently finished watching the entirety of Futurama, I definitely think that ending the series when they did was the right move. For sure, the show still had some blood left in it, unlike Simpsons and Family Guy which have both run their course and then some. But if the show hadn’t ended, it’s likely it would have fallen into the same trap those other shows have — uninspired storylines, out-of-character moments, etc. There were signs of this during the Comedy Central era, but I’d argue there was never a horrible episode of the show. Mediocre ones? Sure. But nothing offensive.

That said, I wouldn’t be averse to more direct-to-DVD movies if the crew came up with a decent-enough storyline. I don’t think the series should be full-on revived, but an occasional movie might not be a bad way to continue the show.

Futurama: Gone Before Its Time?
Daniel C. Hein

Ito’s style is so unique and visually striking that the first time you see his work, you’re instantly curious (not to mention terrified) to know more about what you’re looking at. What fascinates me most is how Ito uses the sharp contrast of black and white to create richly detailed, visceral artwork. The rugged look to everything just screams “horror.”

The Horrifying Appeal of Junji Ito