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Depicting Emotions Through Animation

Animation allows storytellers to directly depict topics and subjects beyond the physical and the real, unlike live-action which is restricted to implying non-physical ideas (such as emotions and mental state) through physical mediums. Actors, for example, must use their facial and body language to indicate the emotions of their character. Animators, however, can get more creative in how they visually depict emotions.

How do animators show emotions through animation-specific methods, and how do those visual representations benefit the story? What do these techniques add to the piece?

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Writing for Catharsis

When venting with others fails, what do you go to for emotional release? For some it’s music, a sanctuary in nature, a pet, exercise, and/or a journal. Otherwise known as a diary–keeper of secrets, keeper of all feelings. It helps to let words pour out onto a page or screen when all you can do is count on yourself. Writing has the power to build resilience because it can turn into a strong coping mechanism. From it one tells a personal story that is uniquely crafted.

  • Writing in general is structural / form-based (even when it's not, e.g. certain kinds of poetry); one could make the leap that the inherent structure of writing is the only way to give "form to the formless." It also lets you think new things; it's an exercise in learning. – claytonpitcher 9 years ago