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Elahe Almasi

B.A. of English Language and Literature. I am interested in any subjects about literature,movie, and art.

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    How Much Popular are Motion Comics as a Form of Animation?

    Motion comics or comic books? That is the question. Which one does the audience prefer? As you know, it is almost a new form of animation. The earliest example of it was depicted in 2001. How much has it improved? What has made it to improve and what has not? Could motion comics find its place among 2 dimensions forms of animation?

    • http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/2011/08/04/outrageous-origins-motion-comic Here is a source I found that others have delved into. Personally, I'm not big into motion comics, but this seems like a great idea for an article. I think the people who write here could turn it into something really unique and entertaining. I'm a fan of history, so I would mention the history of comics and motion comics. Talk about how motion comics became a thing. Talk about the upsides and down sides of them. What if the voices are terrible? What makes it better than comics? Is this a growing industry? I believe for this article it would be better to pick a side. Sure you can weigh the pros and cons of both and let the audience decide, however, that's boring. It would be better if you had an opinion on it. That way I could have an opinion on your opinion, and so on. – MRose 6 years ago

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    Elahe Almasi

    first of all, I should say that I am really thankful because of this great article. it is as easy as Kiarostami’s films and impressive. He is alive long as his films are being watched by the audiences all around the world. Iranian people take a great deal of pride in him always and forever.

    The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami: The Legacy Lives On
    Elahe Almasi

    thank you for such a good conclusion because I was going to say something about such a misogynistic article but at the end you have mentioned that January and John want marriage for wrong reasons. actually their own flaws eventuated to these kinds of marriages.

    Cuckoldry in Paradise
    Elahe Almasi

    I think you focused on narrative of the revenge scenes more than analysis of them. I would have enjoyed much more if it had been a compare and contrast article about 2 revenge plays from Shakespeare’s works.

    Titus Andronicus: Vengeance At A Cost
    Elahe Almasi

    splendid! as I read your article, I’ve imagined myself siting in the places and drinking coffee with my favorite writers. I really enjoy it.

    Literature Places You Should Visit
    Elahe Almasi

    I really enjoy. The article’s subject is amusing. I like analyze of The Beauty and the Beast as a feminist fable and I believe that it is a feminist fable. the idea of this fable as an archetype for Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey is wonderful. choice of pictures is great.

    Angela Carter's Beauty and the Beast: Building a Feminist Romance
    Elahe Almasi

    it is obvious that the superheros who are lesbian or gay, bisexual or heterosexual are depicted for dropping back the existence of them in society. all of the people should accept them. they must have a normal life in society. Medias can help to introduce them to society and attract the acceptance of milieu for their present.

    Sexuality in American Superhero Comics
    Elahe Almasi

    if we analyse Jane Eyre in Victorian era, it can be even a revolution in women role. I am totally disagree that feminism is about hate of men. Feminism should show the women ability and intelligence for having equal rights for living. Jane is a girl who is fighting against conventions that were taboo for other women breaking them. for Jane that conventions are marriage conventions. On the other hand, it is a bad feminist novel because character of Bertha. the way was treated with her. the idea of Rochester about her and their marriage all are sucks and insult to wife and wife hood.this is a complex subject and should analyse more than a simple cm.

    Analyzing Jane Eyre as a Contemporary "Bad Feminist"
    Elahe Almasi

    the article has really good examples. showing the improvement of Disney from anti-feminist heroine to feminist heroines. I really enjoy it. it is in the way that I’ve thought about characteristic of heroines in Disney characters. animations have important role in training and shaping images of ideal roles for children. the strong women characters should depict more for having strong and intelligent women in future.

    Feminism and the Disney Princesses