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    Does social media enhance or hinder our communication skills?

    It could be argued that communication is the central component of human life. It is necessary for every function of society, and verbal communication is what sets us apart from other species on Earth. With advancements in technology, communication has become easier than ever before. A person on the other side of the world can be reached in an instant, with the click of a button. There are however complications with online communications. Implications of messages are sometimes misconceived; there is an absence of gestures, tones and human actions that help translate meaning. The response of social media is to introduce Emojis, which help to counter these absences.

    The ease of online communication could be seen to discourage people from participating in real life human interaction. It could be argued that the emergence of online dating positively or negatively impacts romance. Voice your opinion on the matter and answer the question, "Does social media enhance or hinder our communication skills?".

    • Social media has allowed for people to form real life friendships with people they would have never met otherwise. Friendships with people with similar interests which I believe enhances communication skills. – amberhall 7 years ago
    • Social media acts as another facet to communication and gives us a wider platform on communication, considering all positives and negatives. – Paris Williment 7 years ago
    • I do believe that Social Media does have its place in society but many people are becoming addicted to social media and it is starting to affect relationships and work prospects. – Sazadore 7 years ago
    • I acknowledge that there are negatives in communicating so easily and regularly on social media and it is that it can negatively impact our own social skills in everyday environments. However, I think it's important to see the benefits it has for people who lack the skills to communicate as easily as everyone else. People with anxiety, depression and other disorders benefit from it immensely as they can chat with people regularly online. It provides an environment safe and secure enough for them to not feel anxious, yet also provides them with the communication essential for healthy human development. It's a stepping stone for them. – Sidney 7 years ago
    • In theory social media is great: A chance to meet interesting people from around the world and share ideas. In reality, it is being used as an Orwellian tool to stifle any kind of conversation (even down to unpopular opinions of books, film and TV); and because the whole thing is some faceless person on a computer, it's so easy to dehumanise people with different opinions so we don't feel bad when we publicly shame them, or get fired from their real life jobs. It's not particularly social. – AGMacdonald 7 years ago
    • Social media can be toxic or beneficial depending on the way that it is utilized.If there is an excessive amount of use, it will definitely hinder our abilities to socialize in reality- causing us to lack the ability to communicate in reality or, perhaps, have a growing social anxiety. But there is the argument that individuals with anxiety and depression have found comfort in communicating online because there is less pressure without the face-to-face interaction. Again, it really depends on the circumstances. – Jay Dinh 6 years ago

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    Completely agree. It is absurd that schools don’t expose students to more shakespeare.

    The Obscure Shakespeare

    A good essay, but you do tend to overload sentences and add unnecessary quotations from the play. Remember that quotes aren’t everything! You can reference scenes without quoting them if there aren’t quotes that are relevant.

    Hamlet: Examining Love and Destruction

    Very strangely worded article… I found the writing to be verbose, and often tautologous. Sometimes you attempt to explicate Banksy’s work in agonising detail, even when the art mentioned is featured in an image. Do you take the audience for fools? Banksy’s work loses it’s meaning when you attempt to extract meaning from it. It’s like explaining a joke to someone and expecting them to laugh. Also, most of Banksy’s work is implicit and you suggest a finite explanation to it. Overall poorly written article.

    Banksy: The Elusive Street Graffiti Artist