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The Other Side of George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin is obviously known very well for the books behind Game of Thrones, but what about his other literature? A few highlights of his best non-GoT novels/short stories, and why they’re worth reading.


    Compare & Contract Live-action Batman Films

    With everyone getting exercised about Ben Affleck’s depiction of Batman in the new trailer, but how does he go up against the other live-action Batmen? Try a range, going back to the humble origins of Adam West.

    • There was also an actor who played batman in the 30's film serials. They serials themselves may not have aged well, by he was the very first actor who played batman. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
    • The actor from the 30s serial was Lewis Wilson I believe. An interesting aspect the writer could take up is whether or not the actor in question creates a division between Bruce Wayne and Batman. For example Adam West does not really differentiate between Bruce or Batman. He uses the same voice, the same mannerisms, the only real difference is how he's dressed. But more modern Batmen like Bale change their voice. – Cagney 9 years ago
    • You could also take a look at how the portrayal of Batman affects the overall tone of the movie. For instance, Adam West's Batman series is kind of goofy and fun whereas Christian Bale's movies are very dark and intense. – ekeating 9 years ago

    The Influence of Horror Films on Pretty Little Liars

    Pretty Little Liars has always been culturally underrated show, most particularly in the homage that it pays to past horror sequences. In addition to the Psycho-cabin, there have been several other allusions to horror classics – pick out some of the most interesting and look at how this impacts the show.


      Tracey Emin and the Changing Face of Art

      Tracey Emin’s bed is back in the Tate after 16 years – how has her work changed and how has the art world changed since then? Is the bed still relevant and, if so, is it for the same reasons that it was before?

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        Latest Comments


        Great article! I love how you’ve differentiated between the popular animations – I’d never thought of them in these terms before!

        Familial Love: The Special Ingredient in Bob's Burgers

        Awesome article – I didn’t know a lot of this!

        The History of Wonder Woman: Unlocking Her Cinematic Potential

        Really enjoyable article. I recently rewatched Mulholland Drive after several years, having watched it and totally not understanding it. This is an excellent analysis, and really helps in cracking its key themes open!

        The Visualisation of Memory in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

        Really interesting analysis. I have only heard Lorde’s most prolific songs, but with this in mind will definitely be listening to the rest.

        Lorde and the Ambiguous 'You': the Idyllic Relationship of Pure Heroine

        Great and comprehensive article. I also have found the insistence that Piper is identified as either “gay” or “not gay”, rather than anywhere in the middle seems oddly short-sighted and out of place for such a progressive show. Good work!

        Orange is the New Black: Bisexual Erasure

        Great list! I’d never really considered the Gilmore Girls but may need to give it a look-in! ๐Ÿ™‚

        5 Reasons to Watch Gilmore Girls

        Really enjoyed this analysis, good work!

        "Synecdoche, New York": Kaufman on Modern Art

        Agreed, it’s so aesthetically enjoyable!

        Returning to Sin City: What To Expect From A Dame To Kill For