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    The Unpopularity of the Ebook

    Ebooks, despite being easier to access, quicker to arrive, sometimes cheaper, and easier to store than physical books, have never managed to outsell physical books. In fact, they do not even come close. Explore the possible reasons why this might be the case: material nature of print, satisfaction of flipping a page, ability to show books off, an examination of the differences between platforms (Kobo, Kindle, etc.), e-platforms (Kindle app, Google Play Store, etc.), and file types viability (epub, pdf, etc.), and the aesthetic/artistic parts of the physical book.

    Article about ebook sales: (link) you prefer reading an,print on paper still wins.&text=“The book lover loves to,the rest of the world.

    • Good start. Can you supplement with some statistics on the sale of print books vs. ebooks? – Stephanie M. 3 years ago
    • Perhaps another point of discussion could be the artistic elements of books. The different kinds of binding, the cover art, etc. – Samantha Leersen 3 years ago
    • I know that a study had been done, where reading comprehension on computer devices was lower when compared to physical books. Perhaps people are aware of this issue intuitively on some level. Just a thought. – J.D. Jankowski 3 years ago
    • You might also want to explore some benefits ebooks have over printed books, to flesh out the argument. For one thing, they allow readers to choose fonts, font sizes, line spacing, margins, etc. Readers can even opt for the text-to-speech function (when available). These choices provide a flexible format that can be more accessible to readers, especially those who cannot read traditional printed books – Mya 3 years ago
    • Perhaps one could, as you've already indicated, analyze the physical nature of completing a book. Dog-eared pages, bent spines, handwritten notes along the margins, etc., all contribute to the 'reading' of a novel. Can the ebook hope to replicate or replace this physical relationship between reader and text? Additionally, what is the impact of looking at a screen? The screen might appear as paper, but the reader always knows they are viewing something electronic. Does this change the way a reader might read a text? For instance, word-finding tools are immediately present within a ebook, whereas one must actively search for something specific within a physical text. Is the presence of tools something that helps the reader in their understanding, or does it hinder progression by allowing readers to read 'easier'? – hooooogs 3 years ago
    • This "unpopularity" is a matter of perspective, personal choice, and advancement and comfortability with technology. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

    Different forms of product placement in mass media

    Take a sweeping look at the first instances of product placement within video entertainment in various mediums; TV, YouTube videos, movies. Product placement, in this case, would specifically be the integration of branded products into the world of a story itself. Perhaps place them in different eras. Have actors gotten better at interacting with products naturally? Have advertisers gotten better at their product placements? How has this genre of advertising changed?

    • I think it would be helpful to centre this discussion within a specific region/culture, since the practice often varies depending on advertising regulations and cultural practices. For example, product placement in Thai dramas isn't usually designed to look natural, while Korean dramas are known to have large amounts of product placement that might be harder to spot. – vikkihuihuihui 3 years ago

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    Haha. Thanks for pointing that out; it’s fixed!

    Issues of Consent, Representation, and Exploitation in Deepfake Pornography

    Thanks for pointing out the issue, it’s fixed!

    Great point on extending protections, and taking into consideration, minors.

    Issues of Consent, Representation, and Exploitation in Deepfake Pornography

    Well written and well researched. Considering the proliferation of Indian food worldwide, it would be particularly interesting to see if those of Indian diaspora hold the same connections to food.

    Indian Food: A Multicultural Enterprise

    Tolkein was greatly influenced by Beowulf, too! His idea of a dragon probably had shared English/Nordic characteristics.

    Dragons: East versus West

    Great article. I think there definitely is a certain amount of intentionality behind the choices in the book and movie.

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Capitalist Dystopia

    If you haven’t already watched in, The Truman Show is another that Jim Carrey is great in.

    Memory in Film: Mementos and Maneuvering Through the Past

    I would think the value in exploring ethical philosophy is to understand helps us understand why moral intuitionism is right. That is, how could we know that a system works without having comparison?

    The Good Place: Philosophically Sound?