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A Trip to the Moon

With next month marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, this seems like an appropriate time to critically examine the fascination generations of writers and filmmakers have had with the moon. What is it about space travel that was so interesting to Jules Verne when he wrote FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON? George Melies was certainly inspired by Verne when he made his pioneering short film A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902). Melies actually allows his characters to land on the moon, not just circle around it as in the Verne original. It was Fritz Lang who first showed audiences the possibilities of rocket travel in his 1929 German silent film WOMAN IN THE MOON. What is the relationship between these works of science fiction and the scientific facts? And what insight have writers and filmmakers provided about humanity’s relationship with the rest of the universe?

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    As a free speech absolutist, I really appreciated this piece. I worry about a society that defines free speech in such narrow terms that, if someone writes or says something to offend someone else, they can be silenced.

    Why Books Shouldn't Be Banned

    I believe that when the score of a film is good, you never remember it. But you do remember what the score evokes (the shower scene in PSYCHO, the shark in JAWS).

    But Kubrick’s use of Penderecki’s music is interesting in THE SHINING, because Kubrick was not faithful to Penderecki’s original recordings; he adapted the music to suit the purpose of his own work. Unlike the John Williams or Bernard Hermanns of the world, Penderecki is not primarily a film composer. Yet his work is easily adapted to film soundtracks. It is very interesting.

    Penderecki and the Sound of Horror

    A great article. Thank you for this. It is a beautiful encapsulation of why, in my view, the best way to capture reality is by using the written word to explore human feelings and emotions.

    Creative Writing is the Sincerest Form of Reality