Kelsey Clark

Kelsey Clark

I have been a student at UQ for 4 years now studying a Bachelor of Communications and Arts. I love everything film, television, comics and anime!

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    Kelsey Clark

    Pretty excited for the next films. I would say I am an average comic book reader and I have thoroughly enjoyed most of these films. I can agree and say I found something lack from Iron Man 3, but I did enjoy that Tony got to be more than just a rich man in a fancy suit. But was he ever more than that? I’m not so sure. Only a few days not until Thor 2 and I am excited/nervous. I know promos are never a good thing to go off, but it already looks like a lazy screenplay to me…

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: What has Been, What to Expect
    Kelsey Clark

    I am constantly worried about all these things happening to great shows. I hope New Girl manages to show a healthy relationship, even for a while.

    4 Ways a Show Can Lose Viewership: Good Luck, New Girl
    Kelsey Clark

    I can’t wait for this season! I just hope and pray that they do manage to wrap EVERYTHING up. No loose ends. I am glad it is finally ending and I hope this season isn’t an overkill, tarnishing the memory of many great seasons. I hope it goes back to the early season jokes and heartfelt stories.

    How I Met Your Mother: Final Season Speculations
    Kelsey Clark

    Good review. I will check this out but perhaps I will wait for DVD ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We're The Millers Review: Jason Sudeikis stars alongside Jennifer Aniston's breasts and an iPhone in average comedy
    Kelsey Clark

    I actually did find something missing when I first watching “Brave” and know I know what! It wasn’t a bad movie by any means (like you state) but It was indeed lacking a strong character arch and deep issues that make Pixar so incredible. I will definitely have to re-watch it though with a clearer head and see how it feels then, but I am not so sure about its award winning status.

    Brave: A Victim of Favouritism?
    Kelsey Clark

    It’s crazy to think that film can perish, even with all of our technology. Great article, but it also made me quite sad for the future ha ha. But yes, it is very interesting that so much has been lost and will continue to be lost.

    Lost to History: Film and Television We May Never See Again
    Kelsey Clark

    Fantastic read! Films should be considered in this manner more often then they are. It takes a lot to call it “The greatest film of all time” and according to who or what criteria?

    Films We Watch Versus Films We Study
    Kelsey Clark

    Maaaan some of these movies would have been awesome. I am particularly bummed about how X-Men 3 could have turned out! This list is awesome, but also makes me sad ha ha

    The Biggest Blockbusters Never Made